It can mean only one thing

Scenes of mass making, batch interfacing, general madness and mayhem and enough tiny little pieces of thread and fabric littering the floor to weave wall to wall carpet.

Oh yes, craft fair season is well and truly upon us once more.

I'll be at the Belmont Tower Craft Fair on 3 July to begin with so if you're in the area, pop along and pay me a wee visit. There is also a great outdoor food market on the same day so you can pick up something really lovely for dinner too.

So, where will you be?


  1. I wish I could be there...I'd love to meet you and see all your wonderful crafty items.

    That's Kat's birthday weekend; we'll be camping.

  2. Good luck with your fair - an indoor venue sounds perfect for our unreliable weather. Will already be up at the cottage by then, but will try to visit another time.

    Let me know how it goes - I could do with a new craft venue for my jewellery.

    Had my first jewellery party this week - delighted with the attendance and the sales :)

  3. Have fun and good luck I am at my first fair of the year on Saturday.
    Hope the 'crowds' are out for both. . .

  4. I'm with you on the mass production front! I'll be making loads of hairbands and little bags for my kids school fair. Love the birdie fabric and that green floral fabric is gorgeous. I notice you also have a thread carpet!! I'm very bad and just chuck it on the floor as I sew


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