Folksy Friday - How many times have I told you, we don't draw on the walls in this house!

Alternative titles considered were:
  • It's not a good idea to slide down the banister when it's screwed to the wall.
  • Oh your leg's stuck now is it?
  • Stop pulling, you're making it worse and can you not scream when your mouth is so close to my ear!
  • Paint goes on the paper!, and
  • Do schools really need to close for nine whole weeks.

Oh yes, the Summer holidays are here and following what can only be described as weeks and weeks of glorious weather, I'm now preparing myself for nine long weeks of rain chucking it down.

And because one woman can really only be expected to sit through so many mud pie making sessions, it's time to break out the craft kits:)

Bunting Kit - Lemon Squeezy

Butterfly Inspiration Kit - My Beautiful Shop

Children's Owl Sewing Kit - Fat Hen and Flo

Bunny Jewellery Kit - Haptree

Monster Takeout - Made By Kate


  1. Monster takeout!! Love it!

  2. I think those pics are to inspire me to buy something, but instead they inspire me to craft something. We'll be redecorating Kat's room soon and a banner like in the first pic would look so cute!

    And yeah, I got a chuckle from "monster takeout", too. :)

  3. All those kits are brilliant... time to think about making some 'take out'

  4. great!! :)
    id be happy to receive any of these the second eldest of 6 kids my job in the summer was to entertain the younger id often end up playing 'art teacher'

    have a lovely weekend
    Kellie xx

  5. Great ideas for the children and any budding crafter's!

    Natalie x

  6. Sorry for being a donut and not saying sooner - THANK YOU!

    Alot of rooms in my house need a repaint as they have been lovingly doodled on by my son - I'm leaving it until he is 4 or we decide to sell - it's just a waste of my time otherwise!


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