Folksy Friday - All things wee

or perhaps that should be Wii....

because we finally caved in and bought one:)

Wee Highland Cow - Quernus Crafts
Wee Robin Buttons - Pats Paraphernalia
Wee Bird Pendant - Cherryloco

Not forgetting the other kind of wee

Scottish Toilet Signs - Fortune Favours the Brave

If I all of a sudden stop posting all together and you can't find hide nor hair of me, please send in reinforcements. I may have become addicted to my Wii. Bring Pepsi and Mars Bars I hear the addiction can be contagious and we will require sustenance:)


  1. lol, that last one is my favourite kind of wee!

  2. hehe love the tshirt! bird necklace is cool too :)


  3. I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking of the other kind of wee. LOL!

    We have the trendy and ever popular retro version of Wii. It's called Playstation 2. ;)

  4. Oh, and we also have an Atari system. Not sure if it works or not, though, because our TV isn't old enough to hook it up directly. LOL!

  5. Great finds. Love the T-shirt


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