We're properly back into the swing of the school term again around here. That morning routine comes back all too easily and all the little joys and pleasures that go with it. For instance my little darling who will inhale full loaves of toasted bread during the holiday, almost needs to be force fed three cornflakes during the school term. Go figure.

I have to say though, it has been a very slow grind getting back into the habit of completing homeworks. I'm not sure how it works everywhere else or even at other schools in the UK, but basically every Monday Chloe brings home a homework schedule listing four tasks, each to be done on a different night in whatever order happens to take your fancy.

Four nights of homework sounds like a lot, but it really isn't. They're quite small things and are designed to fit around that week's homework theme, phonics, math, story, learn through play etc, so more often than not they're things like bringing something to school which is blue or reminds them of the story or starts with the letter 'M'.

Anyway, way back before Halloween (you know, a couple of months ago) I thought it would be a great idea to suggest that if Chloe needed to take anything into school as part of her homework, we would make it and not only that but we would try our best to make them using as many recycled things as possible. We started off well making a pumpkin and some leaves and dandelion clocks from scavenger fabric and yarn for her Autumn table.

I'll admit though, what started out as an innocent enough idea is becoming more and more complicated with each week. So far we're sticking to it but at this rate Chloe will have a pretty substantial collection of little bitsy things lying around school, all destined to arrive back home again at the end of term.

This week's homework is based on phonics or more specifically 'M' and 'R'.

I'd like for you all to meet Morris.

A bit of string a few tiny scraps of leftover felt and the most ill conceived jumper I've ever bought (white on a 4 year old, I never said I was clever). He's pretty cute I think and he's only a couple of inches long so he fits in her pocket.

Now we just have to think of something for 'R' bearing in mind that it's already Wednesday night and they need to be ready on Friday morning. Of course, the obvious choice is a rabbit, a little finger puppet variety, but she was bitten by her cousin's pet rabbit at the weekend and has gone right off rabbits, though I'm sure that will only last a week.

If it wasn't for the fact that Chloe's sock creatures have now ascended to "collectible" status and reside on a special shelf all of their own in her bedroom (seriously, they get one hug per day because she says they're "precious") she would have taken theothermousie's Itty Bitty Pirate Kitty in to school. I mentioned the idea, because seriously how many bonus points is the kid going to get for bringing in something that doesn't start with 'r' but instead says "Arrrrrr" but she was having none of it. Apparently, her teacher might lose her kitty and that would never do!

So any ideas? Because I can't think of another (simple, two days people) thing to make that begins with 'R'.

Do you think we'd get away with sending in a raft?


  1. rainbow, rainbow fish, rooster, rattlesnake?

    That's all I've got! ;D

  2. raindrop, ryvita, redbull... errmmm red wine... sorry not being helpful!

    rock! how easy is that!

  3. Rat(atouille), rose, raindrop, rhino, ribbon, reindeer, robin...

  4. We only get homeworks handed out on the day before they are due, so I have a good excuse not to be so creative!

    Rug? Reptile? Raspberry?

    Let us know what you create!

  5. Can't you just tell her it's a mouse AND a rat?

    Alternatively: robot, racecar, reindeer...

  6. Rhino!

    Or... make it a pirate hat, and make it an Rrrr saying mouse. :)

  7. I'm very impressed (ex teacher speaking!)

  8. Ditto what Niftknits said! Sort of not ex though...

  9. Hi,

    Too late for the 'R' suggestions, but just wanted to let you know I've given you a 'Sunshine Blog' award!



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