I think I've just realised how truly grateful I am to have a handy husband. I'm pretty handy myself, though I'll admit to a much lesser extent than him.

I've just watched about 20 painful minutes of Britain's Worst DIYer and I'm over come with pity for the poor unfortunate wives of the men on that show.

These guys are woefully bad at DIY but what makes it so much worse is that they really do think they're brilliant at it. DIY Rock Stars if you will. Although how the guy who has just patched a hole in a ceiling with cellotape and painted over the top or the one filling holes in the walls with blue tack think that they have this mastered is beyond me.

Imagine living with the man who flooded his entire street trying to unblock a drain or who, when asked to block off an old window, used different coloured bricks to spell out his initials. Now that's taking pride in your work!

I'm left sitting here very grateful, but at the same time a little confused. Can someone please explain to me who had the genius idea to award the best of the worst with £1000 worth of power tools?


  1. I remember when I was single, I would actually quit pursuing a relationship when I learned that the man in question wasn't handy.

    Does that make me shallow? LOL!

  2. I am the same way! We have a show in Canada like that "Canada's Worst Handyman" and I am astounded at what some of those people think will work! My sister's BF is useless. She has to get my brother or dad to help her build simple shelving units. My husband could build a house if he wanted to. I like that in a man!

  3. My partner is in the building trade, and can pretty much turn his hand to anything. Except that he doesn't. Because he does building stuff all day, every day, it's the last thing he feels like doing on the weekend. So our toilet seat is hanging off, my pictures are still waiting to be hung four years after moving into our flat, and the bathroom tiles are falling off the walls. It drives me INSANE!!!

  4. I am not a very handy person, but I know my limits and therefore have never flooded a basement.

  5. My dh fortunately recognises the limits of his DIY skills - it is cheaper in the long run just to pay someone to do it for us!

    (I am equally inadequate!)


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