Bullet Points

Thanks everyone for the suggestions last week for Chloe's homework. In the end we went for the robot, I read out a list of the suggestions (apart from the rhino and the red wine because she might have just have picked one of those and even I couldn't figure how to make a rhino) and she chose the robot, luckily for me because what's easier than a bunch of cubes. I'll post a photo of him tomorrow, its dark at the minute and my camera doesn't play the game unless there's some form of daylight.

I still haven't got around to making the light box that I've been talking about since last year!

It's snowing, again, and in bucketfuls. At the minute I'm enjoying it because I didn't really get to appreciate the snow after Christmas. We'll see how long my appreciation lasts, probably until I fall on my bum, again.

Chloe is back to loving school again today, having hated it for the last two days. She lost her sweatshirt in school on Wednesday and too much of a big deal was made of it. Sometimes Chloe loves being the centre of attention, this was not one of those times and she broke her heart all Wednesday evening. The slightest thing set her off crying and she was tearful for the remainder of the day, evening carrying through to Thursday morning. Then in school yesterday she was running too fast through one of the classrooms during playtime with one of her friends and they were told off, due to her already "delicate" state, she decided she hated school. Luckily a visit from the dentist today and the gift of a new pink toothbrush, blue sparkly toothpaste and a gold star sticker have changed her mind about school. She is very easily swayed.

And last, but by no means least;

Craft Blog UK has now launched. It's a showcase (big bundling together) of UK craft blogs and it has been painstakingly put together by the very wonderful Haptree. If that isn't enough to get you over there for a look at the loveliness, yours truly is very proud to be the first featured blog. You can stop over and have a read and don't forget to subscribe while you're there. There are already some great tutorials with much more to come and a blog list over flowing with great crafty goodness.


  1. Congratulations on the feature. That's pretty exciting news.

  2. Kids can change their minds about things (e.g. school) so quickly, it really doesn't take much.

    Bunny loves school one minute and says there weren't any bad parts and the next minute, her tummy hurts and she doesn't want to go.


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