I mentioned a giveaway, didn't I?

Its almost that time of year again, there just isn't any avoiding it.

I've spent the last couple of weeks rearranging furniture and generally clearing all the junk out of my that accumulates during the year to make space in my living room for my Christmas tree. I don't live in a huge house and permanently vacant corner for a tree so it has to be created every year.

Its a good weekend's worth of work just to put up and decorate our tree and that's before I even think about doing anything with the rest of the house so I like to get the organising and rearranging out of the way nice and early so that I can enjoy decorating my tree because, you know trying to shift a bookcase and throwing your back out when your plan was to have a wee glass of wine and hang a few stockings can really put a crimp on a girl's Christmas spirit. Yes that actually happened to my mum and whereas my solution to the problem was to start earlier hers was to buy a 1 foot fibre optic tree that sits nicely on top of the bookcase.

So I'm feeling all Christmassy and I want to share my Christmas spirit (not the mulled wine variety) and what better way than with a giveaway.

And its a pretty good one!

Everything is handmade by yours truly. If you win you'll receive a set of two of my prim style Christmas trees, a set of three gingerbread men tree decorations, a set of three mini I-cord wreath tree decorations (complete with hand knit berries) and a hanging star gift bag, big enough to hold a piece of jewellery or a handful of chocolate coins (I'd recommend filling with chocolate coins). As if that wasn't enough, there will also be something edible included in the giveaway, maybe not a reindeer that poops jelly beans as cool as that is, but something yummy just the same.

The giveaway will be open until midnight on Saturday 14 November, I'll then draw a name on Sunday and pop in the post on Monday so you have it in plenty of time to decorate your home and tree.

Easy peasy, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. Tell me something you like, love or loath (we'll work on your issues at a later date) about Christmas!

You can get extra entries into the giveaway by doing any or all of the following;
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  3. Tweet about the giveaway and include @SeetheWoods in your tweet;

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That's a total of five chances to win this giveaway, just remember though that you need to leave a separate comment for each entry, the more times you enter the more chances you have of winning.

And because we don't have the sole rights to Christmas in the UK (actually I think Disney might own those) this giveaway is open worldwide. You've no excuses now, get entering!


  1. I love the warmth of Christmas. I think it is a great time to go a little crazy, bake a lot, hand make lots of presents, and enjoy each others company. We just don't get to do these things enough!

  2. I love the organising, I am a list person so christmas is heaven, and everyone is always so happy :-)

  3. I wish I was creative..cant even sew a button. I could, but it would fall out I'm sure of it. I love everything about Christmas! It's true meaning of course, and baking, decorating, I love all it's warmth and togetherness!

  4. They all look so lovely. I shall tweet tout de suite!

  5. Fantastic giveaway - count me in!

  6. I just added you to my Giveaway HQ - how hypocritical - one of the things I loathe about xmas is the constant adverts... I'll be doing my usual HQ tweets soon, does that count I really want to win these!

  7. Ooo! Your Ruby's Red Gathered Urn Bag is adorable! I'm also enamored with the fingerless gloves with the cute orange buttons.

    I also retweeted you, became a fan of your facebook page, and followed your blog. Your prim trees are the cutest!

  8. I want to win these!

    I love all things christmasy, especially decorating the house, and singing christmas carols with my kids.

  9. OK, so I'm subscribed, and I'm a fan, and now I'm leaving a comment:


  10. I am so excited as this will be my baby's first Christmas. I love Christmas and my tree goes up on 1st December every year.

  11. I also became a fan on facebook.

  12. Our Christmas spirit usually starts on the 1 Nov when the OH starts playing Chrismas music. He says Dec is never long enough ......not many days to go now!

  13. Just tweeted about the giveaway here

  14. Just become a Facebook fan of yours Leanne. Took a while,I know!

  15. I LOVE decorating the house for Christmas - why can't I leave my pretty things up all year round?!

  16. Just joined you on twitter and done a re-tweet.
    lovely xmas giveaway. @sherieannb

  17. O.K. I'm in for the giveaway. You are very talented. I love all the home made things at Christmas. I love the old fashioned movies. I love decorating for Christmas. I love getting together with family and friends. I love giving presents to my loved ones and of course, I love getting them also.
    I love celebrating this season with a renewed love for Christ.
    The only thing I don't like is all the commercialism. However, I have, over the years, learned to tune that out. I will post about your giveaway on my blog also and link to it.
    Oh, and thanks for the potato water/bread tip. If only I can remember to save the potato water!

  18. Ooooh I am definitely in on this one! What a great giveaway!!!!

    I've always loved christmas, but christmas eve 2000 was a very difficult day for the family (don't worry I've already worked on these issues)

    So these days I find drinking for festive cheer and to look forward not back is my favourite Christmas pastime(I'm not an alcoholic honest). So MULLED WINE in a flask on a christmas morning walk with my sister is my favourite pastime!
    (usually I don't drink alcohol in the morning, but this is an exception)

    I'm off to tweet about this (ImHooped) for an extra point, I'm already a fan on facebook (Emma Louise Smith)

  19. Christmas is my most favourite time of year. I play a game with the kids when we are out in the car that they have to count all the lit up christmas trees on their side of the road on the way home.
    My daughter always cheats and ends up with a rediculous number of trees that she supposedly counted, but that just adds to the fun!

  20. I love the decorations and the playing fun family games. I dislike how tv/mags make such a thing of having the perfect dinner, presents etc; that is not the point of christmas.

  21. have become a follower of this site. Loving your decorations

  22. Those prim trees are marvellous!
    What I love,love,love about Christmas is the smell of it, not going to work, lounging about, eating and drinking lots!
    What I mostly hate about Christmas is the traipsing around the shops looking for gifts. Folksy to the rescue this year I think!

  23. I love the good feelings that go with Christmas, i love watching Charlie Brown Christmas and the original Christmas Carol. I so love watching the little kids that really love everything about Christmas.

  24. See the Woods and the Trees fan on Facebook