The Autumn Table & A Menu Plan.

Last week's menu plan, pfft what menu plan, was a little sketchy to say the least. I had my head somewhere in the clouds all week so to be honest while everyone was fed last week, they weren't fed particularly well.

Then on Friday I made a colossal mistake. When I collected Chloe from school and I was having a quick read through the usual stack of notes in her school bag I mentioned to her that she needed to take something into school for the Autumn table. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

I should have told her that she could take something in for the Autumn table if she wanted to, or words to that effect, because I then checked the weather and told her that we would go to Cairn Wood on either Saturday or Sunday to look for conkers and pine cones for her to take all the while forgetting that Robert was working this weekend. Well done Leanne!

So now you have a four year old who thinks that she absolutely HAS TO take something in to school and you can't do anything to convince her that a handful of leaves from the garden (the walled garden that will have no bloody concept of Autumn for at least a few more weeks) will do the job and we can go to Cairn Wood on Wednesday afternoon.

The only thing that would appease her was making something, so she happily headed off to school this morning with a handful of handmade leave in the right colours like these;

along with a handmade dandelion clock (a cream pompom and a felt stem) and a little handmade pumpkin and the promise that we will replace them with real Autumn things during the week. Although we did harvest an olive branch, complete with little green olives from the front garden this morning on the way.

And because I really need to get my head back in the game food wise this week a quicky menu plan;

Monday: Cottage pie with steamed veg.

Tuesday: Spag bol with garlic bread.

Wednesday: Chloe is at her Nana's so I'll make a chicken curry.

Thursday: Cowboy baked potatoes (Robert wants these again).

Friday: Homemade pizza and a movie. This is Chloe's little end of week treat now.

Saturday: Mushroom risotto with toasted baguette for a bit of crunch and poached eggs.

Sunday: Roast chicken, steamed veg and potatoes.

Baking: I made faux banana bread yesterday and there's still plenty left, I have cookies in the freezer for through the week and some old fashioned golden syrup flapjacks that I made on Saturday although Robert left with a handful this morning for breakfast and I'll maybe make some cupcakes with Chloe when she gets home from school tomorrow.


  1. Those leaves are awesome, I must admit. I can see my wife wanting to make some.

  2. Much more impressive than the usual collection of soggy leaves on the autumn nature table!


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