I made a To Do List

What on earth was I thinking?

I needed to get all of my thoughts together on the things that I need to accomplish before the end of the year, a lot of them need to be done much sooner than that.

Its a frightening prospect all written down like that!

  1. The Tax Return - I've made a start and because its my first and I was only self employed for less than 3 months of the year it will be my easiest one (next year's will be a different story altogether). It needs to be submitted by the middle of November but because I start work on the 2nd I want it out of the way before then, I'm hoping to sit down and get it knocked out on Monday & Tuesday of next week.

  2. The Workstation Makeover - Robert went to ikea today and bought me a new desk (a change from his original plan to build one for me). It was only £17 and will be perfect for what I need PC wise. I need to spend this weekend sorting the PC out.

  3. The Great Stash Sort - I have a new unit (which I think was originally a wardrobe. I've cleaned it, sanded it, painted it, made new doors, and now just need to put all of my (1/4ish) stash into it. By hook or by crook that will happen tomorrow. Its taller but narrower than my current set up and I've painted it white so it shouldn't look too dominant in the room and will free up some floor space.

  4. I want to put together a submission for the UK Handmade Christmas Magazine and that's another thing I'll have to knock out in the next few days, over the weekend maybe.

  5. Submissions which have already been accepted for the Shop Handmade UK launch of their Sample Boxes. I'll put the finishing touches to those tonight.

  6. More Christmas Stock - I can't even think about that at the minute, I'll come back to it.

  7. GO Handmade - My own little UK magazine, now open to submissions from sellers on Misi and Coriandr as well as Folksy. I've made a great start on the next issue and it needs to be ready in ten days. I can do it, but of course, just as I did last time I've forgotten to set aside a new recipe which means that at some stage I need to go to the kitchen, bang my forehead against the Welsh Dresser and hope something falls out!

  8. The GO Handmade Christmas Gift Guide - Wee buns son, bring it on! This should roll out no later than two weeks after the Winter edition of GO Handmade.

  9. I'm volunteering for Chloe's first school trip on Tuesday next week to the fruit shop (yes the same fruit shop she goes to every week with me, shhh) so I have to keep that in mind although it will take an hour at the most giving me two hours to work before collecting her.

  10. I now have, wait for it...... 18 custom orders to finish before Christmas. I had a fair few more. but they're done and dusted and the rest are on their way so this should be ok.

  11. I need to knock up a costume for the PTA Halloween party and fireworks display for Chloe on 22 October (I believe, need to check the form on that date again).

  12. Gifts - I'll need two teacher's gifts and a bunch of little gifts for any of Chloe's new friends in class before Christmas. Plus we'll need to sit down at some stage closer to the end of term and make cards for school.

  13. I still need to take up a pair of jeans for my mum, dammit how did I manage to forget those trousers again!

  14. Christmas Stock - ................ nope still not ready!

  15. I should have written a piece for Mamapedia by now, they think I rock, I have the badge to prove it and so far I've given them jack in return. I should really bump this one up the list somewhat.

  16. I want to knit another two cardigans so see Chloe over the Winter. I already have one knitted and it just needs to be made up. Its in a bag for crying out loud, I've no excuse for that one at all. At this stage in the year I'll just knit the next two in the round and steek them, there's nothing else for it. I can knock the two of them out in a week, although whether I do or not will just be down to pure laziness on my part.

  17. I need to knit a coat or something for the cat to stop her from licking herself bald and freezing to death seeing as she still insists on being outside at night.

  18. I have to stop there, I've more but the longer I spend typing this never ending list the less time I have to actually do these things.
If I've promised something and I've left it off the list, please let me know. Its likely that I haven't forgot though.


  1. And a drop for The Toy Society!

  2. your to do list is making me feel stressed for you!dont you just hate turning jeans up!!mine is a simular list and yeah the kids school bits and pieces feature alot too! hope you get it all done and wine does certainly help!

  3. Oh my god Leanne, and I thought I was busy!! Good luck with it all.... I think you'll need it :D xx

  4. This is more like a novel than a list, jessica fletcher style extremely funny and very comforting. You seem to be in the same boat as me...do you lose them like me and write new ones only to forget what you wrote in the first and to come up with new things to do.,....endless! best thing to do I find...hide all the pencils!

  5. All this and you still found the time to make that gorgeous present for my mum. Thank you! Good luck with the rest of the list! x

  6. OMG Leanne. When will you have time to sleep? Best of luck with it all. Sharon x

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one with such crazy to-do lists! Good luck with getting it all done :)

  8. Where do you get your energy??? And do they deliver to the U.S.??? Even half of what you have would be fine.

  9. I believe there was something about taking my daughter to Chockawockathingamajigga....

  10. OMG!!!! You're frightening me... I'm too scared to even start a to do list, I'm just hoping that the to do list fairy pays me a visit - very soon!!!

    Hope you & yours are well xxx


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