Monumental FUBARedness

I’m never going to win any awards for being organised. My idea of organising and having a clear out around the house usually involves me lifting all the junk and crap from one room and moving it to another room without actually getting rid of any of it.

Although this time, I have really excelled myself. I’ve gone completely beyond my usual level of chaos and disorganisation and reached the nirvana of “right what the hell am I supposed to be doing” ness.

This blunder is of such epic proportions it’ll wind up costing me a grand total of £1,820.00. Can I get a round of applause?

You see when toots was born a friend managed to convince me that in order to get her into a good school I would have to register her for that school the second she was born. Now at great risk to my child’s future education, I waited a whole week until I’d managed to escape from the hospital (long story) and then proceeded to call my chosen school.

I waited with bated breath for the secretary’s confirmation that my already intellectually advanced progeny had indeed been accepted to said school.

She put me on hold, she checked, she spoke to someone, she checked again, only to eventually return to me and advise that because I lived in the catchment area I could just call the school again four weeks before her start date and register her name. There wouldn’t be any problem with acceptance. Fandabbydosey.

My mistake was assuming that the same rule applied for nursery (pre-school). Apparently not. There are only two nursery schools which toots would be eligible to attend and I should have put her name down for both when she was merely a twinkle in her daddy’s eye.

So now its m y job to make sure she’s school ready in a year’s time. What exactly do kids need to know by the time they start school. She can count and knows her ABCs by heart. She’s also cleverly memorised a fair few words so it looks as though she’s reading. Told you. Clever.

But what else do they need to know. Should she be able to understand maths? What about reading, properly from a book she hasn’t heard 17 times and memorised the story. Are literature, geography and science the order of the day for four year olds? I’m led to believe it’s a lot different from when I went to school. My early memories of primary school involve a sandbox and the beanbag race on sports day.

The, £1,820.00? Well that’s the amount I would have saved in childcare over the course of the next year had she been in nursery school.

Kicking myself.


  1. Trying to contact you by email, but can't find your address.

    You need to check out for starting primary school next year, because in my corner of N Ireland, there are application forms to be completed by mid January. I would not recommend leaving it til 4 weeks before. Most kids starting P1 will already been in to see their class and meet their taecher in June. I think the booklets listing all the schools in your board area and application forms might be available before christmas.

    Even if all Nursery Schools near you may be full for this year, you might be able to still get a funded Playgroup place in your area for this year. It may be worth enquiring about from your Education & Library Board if there are any spaces available - nothing to lose!

    Hope this helps. Sorry you missed out.

  2. I don't know if its the same here as it is over there in N. Ireland, but... it sounds like she is doing really well for a nursery schooler. I think the only other thing I could do before kindergarten was write my name. :)


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