Fight the Frump - Killer Heels

OMG OMG OMG Gorgeous shoes and they’re everywhere. They cannot be avoided.

Just. Not. Strong. Enough. I just cannae do it Cap’n.

I luuurve shoes. I possibly have a fetish and possess far too many pairs. I am very lucky to co-exist in the same area as some of the biggest fashionistas I’ve ever followed along behind. The charity shops in this town ROCK.

I’ve picked up Jimmy Choo’s for a fiver, two pairs of vintage Bruno Magli and more recently a pair of emerald green Dior, all in near mint condition.

I lurve them because they’re a fat girls friend and I can always find a pair to fit, regardless of which up themselves “we don’t sell chocolate in here” shop I happen to be in. I wear a UK 4 which I believe is a 6 in the US. My feet are the smallest part of me and they look lovely in really nice shoes.

However, I’ve haven’t bought any new shoes recently. Actually, I haven’t bought any in over a year.

I think it may be time for a small treat. I’ve been so good and I deserve a treat every once in a while. The problem is, I’ve saved some money which I’ve been given as presents at Christmas and Birthdays (listen to me I’m like a child) but I can really only justify one pair.

But which pair. Just look at these;

Quick, pass me a tissue, I appear to be drooling. New shoes are just outstanding. Seriously, how much better do you feel about yourself when you step out in those gorgeous babies (more so when you got them for a bargain).

I fight the frump in killer heels. Hell I kick frump’s ass in killer heels and hopefully very soon a pair of these beautiful heels.


  1. Heck, are you in the UK!? Where do you shop, I could do with some Jimmy Choos for a fiver!!! Wow, bargain of the century I should say!

  2. Killer heels......kill me!

    Just can't do anything more than a couple of inches. Anything else gives me vertigo (lol).

  3. Sam, yep it's my local Cancer Research UK. I couldn't believe it either, I just about made it to the counter before hyperventilated. Of course then when I got home I felt really guilty because obviously the women volunteering in the shop had no idea what they had and could have charged a lot more for them. I got over it though.

    Jane. They kille me too. If they have a slightly thicker sole at the front and the heel's a bit chunkier or better yet a wedge, I can manage.

    I've some 10 minute shoes I can get through an entire night in. 2 mins house to car, 3 car to restaurant, 3 restaurant to car, 2 car to home. I don't even try to walk in those things.


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