Summer Wrap Up and Shop Update

I never really did get the hang of Summer.  Some people are so organised and go into it with a handful of kids and plans for days out and holidays and trips to the beach and they do this with a clean house, a well stocked kitchen, a mountain of stuff in a rainy day box and with a camera in hand so they can show you how much fun their beautiful kids are having every day.  I fail on just about every level.  I end up running head long into it without so much as a notion scribbled on a napkin let alone a plan and my camera has been plugged in for use the last handful of times because I just don't seem to have gotten round to charging the batteries yet ...

Summers are disorganised chaos here, put it that way, but despite lots and lots and lots of rain we've still had plenty of fun.

I can't quite believe we're into the home stretch already.  Just two short weeks and Chloe will go back to school.  This week is the start of her crash course swimming lessons so even though it's tipping it down again ... oh aye it is .... I've actually got something planned, so there, neener neener and all that:)

She starts swimming classes in school this year and although she's pure water baby (it could have gone either way, I love the water, her dad ... not so much) and she's very comfortable in the water so should take to swimming, the last time we had regular access to a pool we didn't seem to get too far beyond this;

Chloe in Pool in Tenerife

See, having far too much fun and none of us thought to maybe whip the armbands or rubber ring off her and see what happened.  With a bit of luck this week will give her a good start at least and then the school swimming lessons will take over and, save us all, I'll even dig the swimwear out and take her myself a few times.
The shop has been quite tricky to manage this year too.  Way back at the start of Summer I was asked by Folksy if I'd like to be one of the beta testers for the new plus account.  Stupid question .... of course I would.  I figured it would be a great incentive to keep me on track and let me add lots of new stock ahead of Christmas.

Christmas is never a bundle of laughs for crafters, even if we're just making for friends and family as gifts we somehow manage to think we've planned a butt load of time to get everything done and still end up sitting hunched somewhere under the world's smallest table lamp, with the sewing machine on a towel so we don't wake the family at 2am.  I loved the idea of a head start!
And cue Summer when I typically get nothing done.

I have managed quite a bit though ... I've surprised myself, but then I've had a huge amount of help from my mum and dad this year as they've whisked Chloe away almost every weekend to let me get on with a few things.

I've really been enjoying making the Kindle cases over the summer, they're a great size so I can cut a few at night ready for sewing the next day, and they're easy to pack away if need be without anything getting so badly out of order that I can't find where I left off.  I'm looking forward to getting back to some larger projects once Chloe's back to school and I've more time and space to play with.

In the meantime I have been motivated by the plus account and have added lots of lovely new kindle cases.

Handmade Designer Kindle Case in Coffee House Canvas for Kindle Nook and Kobo ebook and ereader available to buy from Leanne Woods Designs
Kindle Case in Coffee House Canvas
Designer Handmade Kindle Case in Cherry Blossom for Kindle Nook Kobo Ereader available to buy on Folksy
Kindle Case in Cherry Blossom
Handmade Designer Kindle Case in Harlequin Kaito for Kindle Nook and Kobo ebook and ereaders
Kindle Case in Harlequin Kaito
Handmade Designer Kindle Case in Honey Gold and Flambe Pink for Kindle Kobo and Nook ereader and ebook by Leanne Woods Designs
Kindle Case in Honey Gold and Flambé Pink - New Season

Feel free to click over for a browse, these are only the very tip of an ever growing iceberg!


  1. I've missed seeing posts from you!

    Around here, summer just happens, regardless of what I do or don't plan. So I make plans, but also expect them to be thrown out a moment's notice in lieu of something that sounds like more fun or less work.

    Besides, you have twice as much summer left to plan; school starts for Kat this Thursday.

  2. Been a busy summer here. Taken a break from most of my jewellery creating except for essential orders!

    We've had a week of swimming lessons too .... finally reached 50m but ithas been slow progress.

    Lovely to see a blog post from you :-)


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