Winner Winner

Not a chicken dinner though ... sorry.

The good news is that the pin has been found!!!

I honestly thought it was hidden about as well as a giggling 6 year old hiding behind a curtain that's about 8 inches short of the floor, but it was only found by two people.

Still, it means that none of my lovely customers will be poked with a pin, fictional or otherwise, when they open a parcel from me.

And now for the winner. From the two people who found the pin (Gill and Stephanie), picked ... [insert drum roll here] ... Gill Watson.

Congratulations Gill, I'll drop you a wee email now, feel free to have a browse and choose your prize.

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  1. Hi

    I looked for ages and couldn't find it anywhere! So pleased a couple of people spotted it - must have eyes like hawks - or maybe I'm just of a certain age where ones site isn't quite what it used to be!


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