Finally I think that's just about everything done for Christmas and just in the nick of time too as we've had a *lot of snow over the last few days.

Sales online were flying out but they've also slowed too. Hopefully all my customers are the same position as me and they've a couple of days of winding down ahead of them before the holidays. It's worked out well this year because I need a couple of days to put some other things to bed before the holidays so I'll be flipping over the closed sign and pulling the shutter down on Monday and Tuesday to give me time to finish those without stopping to pack orders.

In saying that, I've a few people stopping by tomorrow afternoon to pick up a few last minute gifts that they don't want to risk buying online, but that's always a nice way to spend an afternoon anyway, they come by we have some coffee, Chloe natters away incessantly and they leave with a few things, I even gift wrap! It's nice a relaxed and not at all panicky, plus Chloe will be home from school by then so I definitely wouldn't have been crafting in the afternoon.

Well, that's if she's even at school tomorrow morning. Our school doesn't close until noon on Tuesday but most of the other schools in Ards were finishing up on Friday ... and then the snow fell so when Friday rolled around Chloe's was the only school in Ards to open at all. The looks on the little kiddies faces on Friday when they found that out was priceless.

Our teachers really are hard working and when others gave up they tried their hardest and managed to make it to the school to teach the kids. I even overheard one of the older kids say that even if hell had frozen over his teacher would still have made it! How's that for dedication?

There may also have been talk of staging a coup, but Fridays are ice cream and jelly day in the cafeteria so it didn't get past initial planning.

It does make me wonder though if the school will be open tomorrow. Our local council have been brilliant, they've ploughed and gritted all the main roads, but the snow's been falling almost constantly and when it's like that trying to keep the roads clear is a bit like trying to dry yourself with a wet towel ... while you're still in the shower, it just can't be done. A lot of the outlying roads into Ards are pretty much impassable at the minute so we'll just have to wait for the morning and see what happens.

At least if it is closed we can build a snowman instead. Some kids have even built an igloo just round the corner, but I think that's a bit beyond my "pick it up and slap it on there" snow sculpting skills.

Either way there's little point in worrying about it. Now I think I'll just have another wee cup of coffee before the rest of the house wakes up, but I'll leave you with an awful photo of Chloe wearing one of her grandad's wigs.

Yes, that's right "one" of his wigs. He has many wigs, I don't know why so don't ask:)

*Chloe said it was a lot of snow, so that's good enough for me.

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