The post Christmas skinny

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, or just a lovely weekend depending on whether Christmas is your thing or not.

Ours was eventful but very enjoyable even so. Santa was good to Chloe this year, a little too good due to an over-compensating nanna but that was expected I suppose.

I should probably get this out of the way early on or the whole "over-compensating nanna" comment will seem a bit odd. Robert was made redundant the day before Christmas Eve! I know, shocker.

At least it should have been, I feel like I should be in more of a panic about the whole thing but I'm not, he isn't either. Don't get me wrong he's very uncomfortable with the whole "unemployed" label, if ever there was a bloke not built for unemployment it's Robert.

If I'm concerned for anything it's my appliances. Robert is a born fidget, I think we'll be ok until Chloe's back to school but if I can't get him occupied with something else after that he'll take the toaster apart, probably the fridge too I just know it.

If I'm honest I've had an iffy feeling about the place he was working since September, I don't know but the guy he worked for just seemed far too laid back for my liking. He didn't seem to care when things got done or even if they were done and if you're running your own business that kind of blasé attitude coupled with a small amount of laziness is just a recipe for disaster.

Anyway, so, over-compensating nanna.

My mum is, at her heart, a deeply disorganised person. No money at the end of December would have meant no Christmas to my mum because on 23rd December my mum would still have most of her presents to buy, along with all the food and likely a bill or two to pay.

She's always been like that and we love her anyway.

However, because she's so disorganised my brother and I are the type of people who set out to arrive at an appointment 30 minutes before we need to be there just so we can be sure where the place is, we're organised, never late and had an attic full of presents in September and freezers full of food in October.

So my mum could be found in Smyths on Christmas Eve, regardless of what I told her she was convinced that Chloe would wake on Christmas morning to nothing because the same thing happened when my brother and I were kids (another story, too long for a tangent).

Now I have to find room for all the things we got for her, plus the stuff my brother and mum had already bought for her (an entire corner of a huge room filled with presents, I swear to you) plus my mum's last minute panic purchases that include a toy kitchen almost as well equipped as my own kitchen, swing ball and a 7-in-1 football/air hockey/snooker table thing all of which I will find a space for, but the Spongebob instruments are staying at mum's house! She made that bed, she can lie in it:)

Apart from that Christmas was really nice, oddly more relaxed than the last few years, likely because we don't have to cram all the visits and guests in before Robert goes back to work.

Now if I could just figure out what to do with the rest of the gammon, we've had it in everything and there's still about a pound or so in there.

I am totally over gammon!


  1. So sorry to hear about Robert's job. What timing .... just before Christmas :( (not that any time would be a good time)

  2. Oh, no! Robert's former boss has horrible timing. We were joking around here (well, half-joking) that when anyone asked Shane what he got for Christmas, he could just say "laid-off". Well, he's still working, but it can't be for long before they do lay him off at least for a while.

    Sounds like Chloe had a wonderful Christmas, even if it was because of your mom's lack of organization.

    And by the way, I love ham! And only managed to get in a few bites this year. :(

  3. What a horrible time to be laid off. Not that any time is ideal of course but still, Christmas Eve is an especially sucky time. I hope he finds something else soon - what is it that he does?
    I'm glad that Chloe ended up getting absolutely spoilt and that you had a great Christmas regardless of your bad news. I hope 2011 is a good year for you.


  4. Oh heck... I'm so sorry that Robert has been made redundant. Bummer. But he sounds like the kind of guy that hits the floor running!
    We are just doing a week of Christmas with The Mans kids who were not here for the actual day, so we are dragging it out over a full week, buying silly stuff reduced by, like, 99% since December 24th, 23.59 pm and they are bloody loving it. They are showered with (sorry) crap every day, but the most exciting stuff seems to be the Xmas cracker with a paper crown and stickers in it, the 99p SpongeBob stuffed toy and, literally, the box the toys came in.
    Spoiling them is just as much spoiling ourselves, because the look on their faces is absolutely priceless everytime we come up with another daft surprise like the cutlery set with dinosaur footprints from the poundshop.
    Disorganized? Hell, my bloody tree isn't even half- decorated yet!!

  5. So sorry to hear the redundancy news, what a horrible shock right on top of Christmas, but pleased to hear that you're all coping well with the news. I'm sure 2011 will bring a new beginning and much happiness. Elaine x

  6. Sorry to hear about the redundancy but I know something better is just around the corner, keep positive!
    I have the latest edition of Sew Hip in my hands and I love the wallet pattern in it (wink, wink!) Happy New Year xx


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