The Giveaway Winner with a bit of Folkfest too

It's been a whole week since I last posted anything, but then that's nothing new really!

Of course I have excuses, don't I always. Like, you remember Chloe's new school shoes, well she's already managed to break the strap so we're on our second pair. I'm very proud of her, six weeks to trash a pair of shoes is a new personal best. Thankfully I had the receipt and the shop agreed that they should really last a bit longer than six weeks, even on a child who gets into everything wearing them:)

Hopefully this pair last a bit longer, even if they make it to Christmas I'll be happy...

Anyway, getting to the point now. I've been taking part in the Folksy listing challenge again this month and I've chosen a selection of very lovely things from the other Folkfesters for my Folksy Friday this week.


Iyobo Design

J Austen Jewellery


Diomo Glass

And now for the giveaway winner ...

I used to pick a number for me and out popped #5.

Congratulations to Sarah (theothermousie), your new cuff will be winging it's way to you shortly.

And don't worry if you didn't win, you can always whip one up and make sure you pop back every now and then because I've a few xmassy giveaways planned too.


  1. Thanks for including my ring! : )
    Congratulations for the winner, the cuff is lovely!
    Beata x

  2. Congratulations to theothermousie for winning the cuff, you are so lucky!

    Thank you so much for including my floral grey silk yarn hat in your featured items, so kind of you and I adore Jacqueline's bracelet!!!!

    Natalie x

  3. Well done to theothermouse!!

    Thank you for including my tea light coasters too!

  4. Congratulations to the winner! What a wonderful prize! Thank you for featuring my Mookaite bracelet. I love the grey floral hat - I may have to have a closer look at this one and the tea light coasters are beautiful!

    Jacqueline x

  5. I love Natalie's hat! Great other picks too


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