Blink and you'll miss it

And there goes yet another week. Poof, gone, ba bye now.

Time has been getting away from me so often lately. I sit down to do a handful of things at about 8pm or so and before I have a chance to blink, it's already past midnight.

On the home front, there is very little news. Though as they say, no news is good news.

Nobody is any sicker than usual, some sniffles and one notable headache on my part but that's about the height of it.

Chloe came home from school last Friday with the Star of the Week award, which she was very pleased with and which, of course, she took mean "I am awesome and I will get away with anything". Kids eh? She hasn't been too bad really, just pushing it a bit, trying to stay up far too late, pushing for more time in front of the tv. That kind of thing.

I've been busy with a small wholesale order for brooches this week as well, but I managed to complete it today and should therefore, in theory, have a little more time to myself.

I'm also plowing ahead with Chloe's birthday present, which will be a picnic basket filled with felt food. I've managed to squeeze in a burger, tomato, apple, orange, banana, two chicken drumsticks, two fried eggs (sunny side up) and a couple of rashers of bacon. Hopefully the sunshine we've been having the last couple of days will last until tomorrow and I can add a photo or two to this post, or an entirely new one.


  1. Felt food, so fun! When is her birthday? I forget.

  2. If star of the week doesn't get you out of trouble, what is it good for?


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