The Penny

There is a penny on the ground. Just a single penny.

The penny goes unnoticed, its surface battered by years of wind and rain. It lies there, now tarnished and rough around the edges.

No one bends to pick up the penny. No one even sees the penny. It lies lonely and forgotten.

But the penny has two sides and while one side has taken everything the world has thrown at it and had its shine removed forever for its efforts, it has survived and in doing so it has saved the other side.

The side that whilst a little damp from the ground beneath still remains shiny and new. This side has been protected all these years and it lies there, sheltered, ready and waiting.

I've been thinking a lot about that side of the penny these last few days. The almost forgotten side of the penny.

All I have to do is stop in the street, bend and turn that little penny over. I can start fresh and new. I don't have to look upon the damage that difficult years have caused the penny because she has a new and shiny side, a fresh side.

I can remember the hard times whenever I wish. A coin has two sides after all and with the good there will be bad, with the right there will be wrong and with the dark there will be light.

I'm going to concentrate on the new side of the penny. The side that I've protected all these years.

I really hope everyone else that feels they're going through a rough patch and a low patch at the moment knows that they too will have better days. They too have a shiny side of their very own penny.


  1. How true Leanne, I feel like I've moaned a lot recently, but I do always count my blessings too. I'm so grateful for the life I have, my 3 little ones & my love of my life Mr Mousie - many people will never have the chance to experience the love I do. xxx

  2. That's such a lovely and uplifting way to think of it.:)

  3. Great post, Leanne. Things will get better. It may take some time, but things will get better.

  4. Just passing through today and came across your blog...i dont often comment but your post on the Penny really touched me...i am going through the worst time at the moment & there seems no end to it..but after reading this i KNOW there will be & a bright shiny side to my 'penny of life'..thank you for sharing this..i will read your blog more often now & have saved it...i hope things get better very soon for you too.


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