Labra Kadabra - The World Famous Magician

Earlier this week the very lovely Hotdog and Me posted a thread on Folksy. Simple enough, she would send a sock dog kit to the first ten people to comment on the thread and all of our crazy makings would be listed in the Crafteroo Shop on Folksy in support of Children in Need. She sent out 12!

Anyway, I was all over it like flies on ... ahem!

I had a couple of ideas floating around my head and decided that I'd make my mind up when the kit arrived.

The very next day, my postie knocked the door and there was my parcel....

Yes, I know the drill. Receive a parcel, take a photo, post the photo.

Impatience thy name is Leanne.

After a couple of days of fitting in little bits of stitching here and there during sickipoo nap times, Labra Kadabra is finally finished.

I should probably mention that he's a world famous magician because he isn't very good at magic.

Check out that poor bunny!

He was listed in the Crafteroo Shop on Folksy a short time ago, but you can't have him.

He's sold already and will be heading off to his new home first thing tomorrow.

However remember now, 12 kits were sent out and Labra is only the warped result of one of the kits, so keep an eye out in the shop. They'll be popping up quite regularly, although if Labra was anything to go by, you'll need to be quick. Really, really quick.


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