WFMW - When being cheap doesn't work

Just putting it out there, but this is one of those times when being cheap really doesn't work.

I decided that I needed to reorganise Toots toys. She has a large wooden toy box downstairs which is a pain in the backside to get anything in and out of and two pop up storage bags in her room filled with toys. Obviously, she only ever plays with the two or three things sitting at the top of each of these boxes and bags.

So the plan was simple. Smaller, lighter boxes which could be brought out one at a time, easily packed up again and another box brought out to keep the toys in even rotation.

Rather than buy made for purpose toy boxes like
Trofast I thought I could make my own using some of the dozens of boxes my office throw out every day and some pretty wrapping paper.

So I bought the paper

And got to work wrapping some of the boxes I brought home from the office.

They look good don't they?

Yeah. Well they don't work. They're flimsy for a start. I should have known they'd never stand a chance against Toots. They've been taped together again more times than I can count in the last couple of weeks and I've finally given up. They may have done a better job if I'd used sturdier, heavier boxes.

Anyway, guess who's saving for

For more WFMW posts, check out Rocks in my Dryer. And if you see or have any great ideas for organising kids toys, please let me know.


  1. I have this Trofast unit and boxes

    but it is not 100% successful either unless the toys are very light. The middle box I use for lego, and has cracked near the top lip on one side! The largest box did have wooden train track, but I have swapped it for lighter playmobile toys instead.

  2. Just a reminder I give all clients... storage for kids is a challenge. Durability is always tops on the list, but kids are hard on stuff. Don't break the bank on storage containers for them. If the storage is see through, it is likely better. Kids forget what they have in containers. Out of sight, out of mind. There is no perfect solution, just solutions that work for your child, your budget, and your space.

    Good Luck!

    Mrs. Bick

  3. sometimes you get what you pay for - better luck next time

  4. Do you have stores similar to our "everything's a dollar" stores? I picked up a dozen colorful storage totes that slide neatly into a bookcase we already owned, creating a system similar to the one you want. It's really made a difference in keeping Kat's toys organized.

  5. I'm using plastic baskets I bought from WalMart and a small bookshelf and that is what we're using for Sugar's toys... It definitely works for me!

    Oh and I tried the wrapping papered baskets too... they didn't last very long at all!

    My WFMW post is here:

  6. Well your boxes sure SEEM like they'd be a good idea! I applaud you for your creative and frugal intentions :)


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