WFMW - Toys up the Nose

Because if it looks like it's small enough to fit up you child's nose, they will probably try to fit it up their nose.

And don't think because it went in easily, it'll come out easily. Oooh no, it'll just works it's way in even deeper.

Toots decided on Monday night to find out if she could in fact fit a small rubber knitting needle topper in the shape of a sheep in her right nostril. Well it looked tiny outside of a human body, but let me tell you that kid looked freaky with one huge nostril.

It's the first time this has happened and I have to admit when they taught us what to do in baby first aid I laughed. Not at the thought that my child would ever be silly enough to stuff something up her nose, but the fact that I could keep my head on straight long enough to deal with.

Still I did, very chuffed with myself too.

Just cover the clear nostril with your thumb, cover their mouth with yours and blow hard.

Next thing you know you're getting hit in the face with a booger covered small rubber sheep.

Hopefully this will come in handy for someone, especially if you live somewhere where you have to pay for all those little visits to the doctor.

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  1. You have painted a beautiful picture!

    Glad you did not have to make another trip to Casualty.

  2. Oh, my gosh...the joys of mother hood!

  3. I know this post was supposed to be informative, but really? Booger covered sheep?

    And I'm not supposed to laugh?

  4. What IS it about kids and shoving things up their noses!?! I'm glad you knew what to do. :) My sister didn't last month and had a bit of a heart attack when her 3 year old announced "Mommy, my princess bead is in my noney." It was extracted, but your way sounds much easier. :)


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