WFMW - Getting kids interested in school

We've spent the last few days here getting Toots registered for primary school.

I have to say that I never thought it would go just as well as it has.

We've mentioned the idea of school to Toots on a number of occasions before and lets just say it didn't go down well. Usually any mention of school ended in a full on tiny tantrum.

However, the last few days have been a lot more promising.

The trick. Just take her to visit the school. As simple as that. We went to the school on Monday to collect a copy of the prospectus and some registration forms. She immediately fell in love with the place, looking at all the kids artwork on the walls and asking to be allowed out to play in the enclosed courtyard filled with toys and climbing frames for the P1 and P2 playtime.

On our second visit to the school on Tuesday, we left the forms and copies of her birth certificate back with the secretary. I asked if it was ok for Toots to have a quick (quiet) look around. The secretary told us that the P1 class were having playtime and Toots could go into the courtyard to play with the other kids if she wanted.

Of course, she jumped at the chance and played on a space hopper with two girls who were more than happy to play with her and tell her all about the school. When the teacher told all the children that playtime was over and it was time to go back to class, one of the girls Toots had been playing with asked if she could come and sit in the classroom with her. The teacher said it was fine if it was ok with me and I was happy for her to sit in for a few minutes. I didn't want her to disrupt the class for too long.

The teacher was fantastic and obviously more than happy to have her there. She started off with simple things like having the class count out loud and say their alphabet and which animal's names started with each letter, all of which Toots could participate in. We only started for around 15 minutes in the class and then we left to do some shopping.

Toots has talked about the school constantly since then, asking when she can go back again to see her teacher and her new friends. The teacher also gave her a few short worksheets to take home with her and she's completely addicted to them. I've had to photocopy them and I'm trying to find similar sheets online.

She'll go to the school again for an open night next week and then there are two planned easing in days in March and May. The teacher said that she can come down to visit any time she likes and I have to say its definitely made all the difference.

If you have the opportunity to take your pre-schooler along to school or kindergarten for a visit or two before they officially start I would highly recommend it.

Everyone at the school Toots will be attending have been lovely and very understanding and the children she's met so far have been a complete credit to the school, taking her under their wing and being very patient with her.

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  1. What a great idea! Although mine are older now, I think this would have been great (especially for my most sensitive one).

  2. So glad it went well for you. This is especially great for kids who have not been regularly at the school dropping off and picking up older siblings.

  3. Great idea. I bet she's much more comfortable with the idea of school now. Way to go. :)


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