The Wedding

I've decided to join in with the carnival being held by Kara-Noel of Eli's Lids. All she asks is that we Remember When....we got married. I noticed Janmary of Welcome to my World joining in and never being one to miss a boat, thought it would be the perfect way to post my (admittedly small amount) of wedding photos. Its such a fun idea for a carnival and her photographs are beautiful. Go on, join in...

There I go again jumping straight to the honeymoon and completely forgetting about the wedding.

Ok, time for a bit of background.

The husband and I were desperately hunting for a home together. We had managed to sell his house in Belfast. We had a bank account full of money but still didn't seem to be having any luck finding a house we both liked and could agree on.

We were engaged at the time but hadn't quite gotten around to planning a wedding. Or setting a date for that matter.

We finally found this house and immediately fell in love with the place, even though it was literally falling apart.

Because we got such a great price on the house and didn't need to borrow anywhere near the amount of money we had original thought we would, we decided to celebrate with a big holiday before settling down to the grind of getting the house livable.

Cut to the scene of us in Lunn Poly handing over vast quantities of cash for the trip to Egypt. We'd chosen two of the best hotels, upgraded the flights, you name it, we were going all out. This was to be our last trip for a very long time. When the travel assistant noticed my engagement ring and mentioned before processing the payment and booking that if the holiday was a honeymoon we would get all the upgrades we were paying for free, plus some extra upgrades not available for booking.

"Oh, alright then, go on".

I arrived home later that day, phoned the registry office, popped down to fill in the paperwork and pay the £35 fee and hey presto we were to be married six weeks later.

Here we are signing the registry book.

As I've said it was a very simple (slightly rushed) affair. Just some close family and a disposable camera. Neither one of use thought to lift the digital camera on the way out the door that morning. I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with registry office weddings but there really are only a few minutes spare for photographs before the next couple are ushered in.

You'll have to excuse my very lacking skills at taking photographs of photographs, but this is my mother. Isn't she beautiful. I hope I look like her when I grow up.

We had time for a quick photo of everyone and it shows just how small the wedding party actually was.

From left to right, my mum's sisters (and two of my best friends), my (very tall) brother, my grandfather (my mum's father and the constant in my life), my mum, yours truly, the husband's brother and father, the husband and last but definitely not least, my dad.

And finally a photograph, I'll always cherish. My Gana Joe in the far left, seemingly minding his own business, quietly assessing this new family his first born granddaughter has married into. It was a very classic pose of his, hand on his chin with a slight smirk on his face. His health started to go about a year after this photo was taken and he passed away two years ago after a long battle.

This is how I'll always remember him.

After the wedding we had a lovely lunch and then went home to get changed and go to collect our currency for the honeymoon.

See nothing fancy, but that's just me I suppose.

The only thing I regret about the honeymoon is not doing it sooner. My Mother-in-Law passed away six months before we were married and I would have loved to have had her there. She was a wonderful woman.

The carnival runs until the end of this week, so go on, quickly, hurry up and join in.


  1. Thanks for sharing your wedding. Love the pic of your grandfather too - taking it all in :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this.

    I could have done without the big shindig, but it was A MUST for my wife.

  3. LOL... getting married to get a discount on the honeymoon!! Your wedding was so special! And that last photo of your Gana Joe... what a treasure!!
    Thanks for sharing!!


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