A gift of inspiration

I'm in love with this layout. It was a gift from JanMary of JM Digital Designs. She's a fellow blogger from Northern Ireland and also blogs at Welcome to my World JanMary and I'd encourage anyone to take a look. Her layouts are to die for.

I really like the simplicity of this layout, although having recently had a bash at digital scrap booking I know how much effort went into making this and how time consuming it was.

I always start of with an idea in my head of something ending up looking like this. My problem is that, being a newbie, I'm like a toddler let loose in a sweet shop with a £20 note. If an embellishment comes with a kit you can be pretty sure I'll cram it in there somewhere and the photograph ends up looking like an after thought that I've had to make room for. Not really the idea behind digiscrapping as far as I can tell. I would imagine the plan is to show off the photos to their best.

I plan on using this as part of my mum's Mother's Day present. She enjoys receiving photographs of Toots. She doesn't often take many photos herself. She claims to be allergic to cameras.

I'm still not sure though whether to print the layout and have it framed or try to make a few more myself using older photos of Toots, maybe a couple for each year and put the layouts in a huge photo album I bought a couple of years ago and never got round to using. That way I can leave part of the album empty and add to it with things like her first day at school and some day trips we're planning on taking during the summer.

Now if I could just restrain myself enough to be able to produce something even half as good as this layout I'll be happy.

I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. What a sweet photo, and beautiful simple layout - you're right, it really "works" to just focus on the photo! And I love that you're in Ireland ... ah, Europe! As an American, all things Europe are so romantic to me :) Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'd love you to join me in telling a memory from your childhood - my Childhood Memories Friday is starting today.

  2. What a beautiful layout. Your description of feeling like a kid in a candystore where scrapbooking stuff is concerned hits home with me too! I don't tend to post my scrapbooking (as it relates mostly to my kids and they aren't shown on my blog) but it is one of my fetishes! I can hardly wait for my craftroom!!!


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