Nose to the grindstone

Wahay, the kids are back to school again ... for three whole weeks.

Still it's given me time to catch up on all the things (more than a lot but less than a helluvalot) that were set to one side during the never ending Easter holidays.

But for now it's back to normality again, making, designing, doodling, filling orders and cutting out more panniers than you want to know about. Seriously I have bicycle bags coming out of my ears, who knew they'd be so popular.

I did manage to free up a morning for a good cause though. You can pop over and visit Louise at Sew Scrumptious for the full details but basically Louise is kindly offering to coordinate and send handmade dresses to Hope 4 Women International's "Dress a Girl Around the World" campaign. The idea is to make pillowcase dresses, as many as possible and these in turn are distributed to little girls by Hope for Women International.

I managed to make 3 in one morning.

They're very easy to make once you get going, but truth be told I'd never made a pillowcase dress before. I've seen plenty though and the little white ones always look lovely so I set about making my first white pillowcase dress (I know what you're thinking but give me a minute, I'm getting there).

When I was finished, I hung the dress on a hanger and stood back to survey my handy work. I grinned, congratulated myself and gave myself a mental pat on the back, I'd successfully made my very first pillowcase ... nightie.

Some colour was definitely called for ... and a matching scrunchy for each. I hope you agree.

If you'd like to whip up a dress or two yourself Louise links to a great tutorial and you have until the end of May to send them.

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  1. I just couldn't resist a little peek at your dresses. They are sooo gorgeous!! Thank you so much for making 3 too!!! The matching scrunchy is a genius idea. Love it. I might have to steal that idea!! Will blog about them when they arrive with a link. Thanks again for all your support. Louise x


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