Car Bootiin'

I'm about a week late with this post because we went to the car boot sale on Sunday, but I'm hoping you'll forgive me for my tardiness. I've had the mother of all headaches again this week and it seems they're down to high blood pressure. I've always had high blood pressure and it's never caused me any real trouble, but it seems now just for funnsies and to add a little interest to my day it's going to give me headaches which make the usual day to day things a little more difficult, things like walking, blinking and seeing further than the end of my nose.

So all good stuff really and my prescription is to relax and take it easy. Don't worry, I'll wait til you're finished laughing......

You done? Moving on....

Last week I dragged my family we went to our first car boot sale of the year. I know I've said before that I love charity and second hand shops and that I love freecycle, but if it's even possible I love car boot sales even more. I always find just exactly the thing I've been looking for, the thing my life would never be complete without at car boots.

Of course, I always find things I really don't need at all too.

No clue why I bought, but, and this is where I tell you about yet another flaw in the way my brain works, I can't pass up a big book. The bigger the better, I can't get enough of those huge coffee table books and I've yet to be able to leave one sitting for somebody else.

The flaw in the way my brain works is that while I'm all about the bargain and getting something I need and saving a bit of money and I'm always good at remembering that it's only a bargain if I actually need it, that goes out the window with books. I paid £1 for this book...

Yep, that's an RRP of £29.99, by my brain's calculation I'm now up £28.99. See how that works? Even when I don't have any need for a book, so long as it qualifies as a book my brain writes off the expense so that I'm no longer £1 out of pocket but I'm a full £28.99 better off. Don't argue with it, I've tried and my book shelves will tell you, it doesn't work.

But it does have some great info, and I do really want to have a crack at screen printing and yes, I am fully aware that my brain has taken over and is now justifying the purchase of the book to you because you all know that I could have found the very same information online for free, but as I said before, don't argue with it.

And I found these little beauties hidden under a table, wrapped in bin liners where nobody else had dared to look...

I have a real thing for copper in kitchens. I already have my copper kitchen aid, which I'm still convinced was possibly for display purposes only and the shop shouldn't have sold it to me because I've never been able to find another one, anywhere.

There are four of them and I still need to clean them up with bicarb to get the lacquer off because I do plan to cook with them. Nothing cooks like a good old copper pot and these are pretty heavy. When I found them and asked the price the lady wanted £3 for each one. I figured two would be plenty for me and knew that if she set the other two out on the table instead of hiding them that they would sell quickly too, but she wanted to start packing up to go home and gave me all four for £6. Bargain:)

Which means that after the whole trip I'm still up £22.99 and you can't get better than that really now can you?


  1. That is fab calculations I am just the same. I remember years ago going to Oxford street by myself for the first time to really spend, I was about 19 and £100 seemed loads of money. I bought a dress in the sale and then I had to buy shoes or something to match but it was still less than full price of the dress so I went home and told my Dad I saved X amount and he just looked at me like I was crazy. My hubby is in agreement says we need therapy. lol.


  2. Oooh, we're off to the car boot in the morning. Fingers crossed we are as lucky as you were!

  3. We went to our town-wide garage sales here this morning. In the rain, because we're crazy like that. I found cute (maybe antique) Sterling silver and garnet ring for 50¢. It was among some other cheap-o jewelry. We also found a 5-drawer dresser for Kat. Nothing fancy but fully functional for just $5. I love buying other peoples castoffs. :)

  4. What, for the love of all that is good and pure, is a car boot, and why do people buy them?


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