I have a bit of a love/hate thing going as far as lists are concerned.

I enjoy writing lists and I love that they do make me feel more organised and I love that when I use them properly I am actually more organised. I love that a food shopping lists means I won't come home with a trolley full of crisps and chocolate (try shopping at lunchtime when you haven't even had breakfast yet and see what happens).

I hate that I usually end up losing them before completing even the first task and that when I clear out a handbag I tend to find them all again scribbled on the back of envelopes, receipts and on the inside of a mars bar wrapper when I happened to have a sharpie handy.

So I'm hoping that some pretty ones will make me more likely to use them....

and because they're roughly the same size as a twenty pound note they'll fit in my purse and hopefully I'll be less likely to lose them.

Anyway, if you're anything like me and fancy a handful of pretty lists for yourself, feel free to click on the photo above and grab a copy for yourself. It should print on plain A4 paper and each list is 15cm x 8cm or if you'd rather you can download the pdf here.


  1. pretty! I am a list-fan too, although I find once I've written something down I wipe it from my memory completely - so if I then lose the list, I'm completely stuffed!

  2. Very nice. Did you make them yourself?

  3. Lovely lists!

    I now use my iPhone for lists which HOPEFULLY I won't lose!!

  4. Every year I put a few magnetic pads of list paper in my wife's stocking, and every year she runs out by May. She's the list queen.


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