I've said it before and I'll say it again

I love freecycle.

Normally any listings on the local group are snapped up in no time, but one listing for sewing patterns has popped up again and again for the last couple of weeks. So I said I would take them.

Never hurts to have a sewing pattern or two knocking about the house.

I arranged to collect what the lady described as "a few" patterns and she also had some fabric scraps as well if I wanted to take this. So I did.

"A few" patterns turned out to be a huge box stuffed with over 30 patterns. Some are lovely with some vintage, some, um, retro and some are just plain and simply as rare as the hen's teeth. Lets just say I'd have to make the shoulder pads for some of these bad boys from scratch, because I don't think I can buy them ready made and to the best of my knowledge even Bombardier don't make wings that big!

The jammies on the left can be made in girl's sizes but I must have a pair too. I'm pretty certain my tiny little shorts days are buried somewhere in the past though:) Would you look at those little blue ones, you'd be able to see what I had for breakfast in those!

And my opinion of the humble fabric scrap has obviously been tainted through dabbling in patchwork. As far as I'm concerned a piece of fabric has to be too small to blow your nose on before it qualifies as a scrap.

Clearly dressmakers and patchworkers have two very different opinions on what qualifies as scrap fabric because that bag was full of yardage, yard after yard of lovely fabric. And you won't see me complaining.

That little elephant print is just crying out to be running round the hem of a new market skirt isn't it?

I've no plans whatsoever for the rest yet. It's all bundled up now and getting a once over in the washing machine. A good press with the iron and they'll be ready to go.

But if my sheer luck annoys you and if it will make you feel any better, I also have a huge zit right in between my eyebrows that just isn't showing any signs of clearly the eff off. Seriously, I look like a Klingon* and I now get to go off and spend the day up at Scrabo tower and then off to Kilkeel or Newcastle and have picnics and such looking like this!

Go on admit it, you feel better don't you?

*Please note for your own safety that even Klingons eating dainty little sandwiches with the crusts cut off and sipping juice from a plastic flowery cup should not be approached. They can still be pretty pissy when caught off guard.


  1. Oooh lucky you - I mean with the fabric, patterns & all that - not with the Klingon zit thingy obviously - cos that is seriously unlucky... I still get spots at my age too - why???? It's so unfair!!

    Anyway have a lovely day out, keep your head down & try not to make eye contact & all that...

  2. Spots and grey hair should cancel each other out. Is that really too much to ask:)

  3. You lucky lucky girl (woman, person! LOL). I agree with you, cant wait to see the skirt, it will look fab. Kxx

  4. That's quite the freecycle haul.

    We've actually gotten a few good things from there, but mostly it's a lot of "does anyone have a Wii they can give me?" and crap like that.

  5. I remember my mum having loads of these patterns, and I used to love visiting the fabric shop in Ballymena and browse through the latest "fashions" - how dated they look now!

  6. WOW. What a find. Looking forward to seeing some results. I have never been very lucky with freecycle but I have disposed of a large tv and some baby bits that way.
    Christals Creations.


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