Yes I've taken part in another swap.

Who doesn't love a good swap, especially for materials. I'm sure we all have bundles of things we've bought and then weren't entirely sure what to do with, plus it's always lovely to get a wee surprise in the post isn't it?

The ribbon and bead swap was organised by the very lovely Card Making Princess and my swap partner was Hannah of Lonely Hearts.

As usual I forgot to take a photo of the beads I sent....sorry, but they were nice beads, I promise they were.

Or I thought so until I received my parcel and then the voice in my head screamed "OMG, you've sent a pile of crap"!

Luckily though Hannah thought something similar when she opened her parcel, so we're good and both love what we received:)

I received a lovely parcel, wrapped in red tissue and I was so eager that I started to take photos straight away, but lets just leave it that I can't photograph anything on red to save myself.

Hannah sent me a gorgeous little box stuffed with Pandora beads and very clever thing that she is, she even included a Pandora bracelet (assuming that I wouldn't have one, which I didn't, see I told you she was clever) to wear them on. And I will wear them, contrary to my mum's opinion not all jewellery in this house is up for grabs. Do you hear that mum!!! It's mine!!!

This is were you'll notice the subtle change signifying that a small child had entered the room and the remainder of the photos were taken the next morning:

I also received a lovely pack of little purple glass beads, pale pink beads and these gorgeous little flower beads. There's a name for them I think, but it escapes me at the minute.

Wee bit later the next morning:

I also received a pack of cute little blue and pink wire wrapped beads. I'm ham fisted and can't wrap wire for a pension so these will be saved for something lovely.

And finally a pack of big wooden and, you'll have to excuse my ignorance here, I think glass beads, they're amber in colour and beautiful but I genuinely don't know enough about beads to hazard a guess at what they're made of.

But they're perfect and on their own have saved me yet another headache.

I currently have this bag in my shop. Do you see the beads at the end of ties for closing the bag? Yep. They're reclaimed, as are a lot of the little finishing bits I use in my bags, but it does mean that I had a grand total of two beads. I like the slightly worn older look of the beads, but it can be difficult to find wooden beads which are older but undamaged. I've been planning on refinishing some newer beads, but the first few attempts were a bit pants and I haven't found the time to really try again.

The problem is that I bought the fabric in two colourways, the one above, and this...

in cooler, more springlike colours and a friend wants a bag the same as the one above for a birthday present, only in this fabric instead. Which is fine and great even, I just didn't have the beads to finish it and Saturday was to be a day trawling shops and anywhere else I could think off to find two large older but otherwise undamaged wooden beads.

Instead Saturday became a day about drinking coffee, a little baking and much relaxing:)

Thank you Hannah!


  1. Love the swap. I seem to keep missing out but have said i'll take part in the latest one on Folksy. Just waiting for a name.


  2. hello!, im so pleased you like the beads, i will get the ones you sent photograped and add them to my blog this week. i cant wait to make something with them.
    And im so glad that the wooden beads were of use to you, i got them because i thought they were lovely but have never known what to do with them, one of those impulse buys.
    thanks for a great swap!
    Hannah. xx


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