Folksy Friday

Having spent a few days locked in an old married couple style argument with our wood lathe, I finally have to admit that I'm not very good at it. I could earn a pretty decent living making hamster bedding, but that's about the height of it I'm afraid.

I could sit here and grumble into my coffee cup at how other people seem to be able to throw hunks of wood into what is basically the biggest and scariest pencil sharpener in the world ever and produce beautiful things, but instead I thought I could just sit back, enjoy my coffee and admire the beauty.

Turned Wood Art Bowl - Lynwood Designs in Wood

Beech Hollow Form - From the Tree

Dip Pen in Kou Wood - Artisan Curiosities

Lily Bowl - Eastfield Woodturning

Ripples - Treecycle

Wedding Goblets - Bodrighy

Now if you could all just pop out to the pet shop this weekend and pick up a hamster or two, I'll be eternally grateful. Great, ta, thanks:)

Even though it is now Saturday and not Friday, I had connection problems yesterday, everything was playing silly buggers and nothing would work so I sent the pc to bed early without 240.


  1. I love wooden things, these are great! I especially like the Lily bowl x

  2. Lovely choices - I especially love the pen.

  3. Looking at that beautiful pen has put calligraphy back in my mind - its a while since I did any - have to see if I can still manage it! Have a lovely week end!


  4. Another fan of the lily bowl here!

  5. Hi, these are beautiful, my favourite is the ripple bowl, I love the way the maker has exploited the natural patterns in the wood. Thank you for sharing these.


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