WFMW - Airbed 1 - Chickenpox 0

My daughter has chickenpox. Chickenpox are evil and must me gotten rid of.

The biggest problem we've had with chickenpox are that toots just couldn't get comfortable. No matter which way she tried to lie down, she always seemed to be lying on a spot. They seem to have come up on all of her "points", elbows, knees, shoulder blades and the very bottom of her back. She's covered in the damn things but they seem to be at their worst, red and angry looking, in these place.

Thursday and Friday night last week were the most awful nights I've ever experienced in my life and that includes the night I had her (very long story, possibly for another post...maybe). My lovely little daughter could not get one wink of sleep these two nights, which meant neither did I, or the neighbours three doors down for that matter.

She was sore, no wait scratch that, she was in agony and nothing would settle her. She cried until she was sore from crying and couldn't cry any more, then she just curled up in a ball on my knee and asked me to "help her".... and I couldn't.

For the first time in my little daughter's life, mommy couldn't fix it and couldn't make it go away. We tried her bed, my bed, the sofa and just holding her, nothing worked. Pressure was always being put on some of the spots and they were painful. I even resorted to junior nurofen which barely eased it at all.

By Saturday morning we were all exhausted and checked in the morning only to find a fresh batch of spots which would start the whole cycle off again that night.

I staggered out of the house on Saturday morning, eyes out on stalks and looking like something from night of the living dead. I had to find something to let her sleep. I had notions of finding a stationers and buying all the bubble wrap I could get my hands on.

Then I wandered in through the door of a charity shop in my town and some angel, some absolutely beautiful angel and donated an airbed, of the three minute variety, you know the ones.

She went to bed at 8.15pm on Saturday night woke at 10.40 on Sunday morning. Sunday night she slept from 8.45pm to 10.30am. I cannot express how much I love this airbed. It has been an absolute lifesaver.

The spots have crusted over and are slowly starting to fade. The airbed is still in situ. I am under strict instructions that mommy is not to take away "her" bed until all the spots are completely gone. This could take a while.

This has definitely worked for me and will be carefully packed away until the next spotty outbreak, whatever that may be. Bring it on, we're ready this time.

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  1. glad she's feeling better - smart thinking on your part! :)

  2. OH! What a wonderful idea! I would never have thought of it and am thrilled that it worked for you! Poor sweetie, I hope she feels better soon! (p.s. I heard oatmeal baths are supposed to work for the pox?)

  3. Glad things are improving. Great idea.

  4. I had a bad case of pox as a kid. I found the oatmeal baths did wonders right before bed.

    This was before the chickenpox vaccine was available, and since I was the first one in the neighborhood to get it we had a "pox party" and I infected all the other kids. I am definitely going to get my kids vaccinated to avoid things like this.

  5. l@spillingbuckets. We had pox parties as kids as well, in fact I'm almost sure this was how I caught it.

    Moms don't seem to want their kids to catch anything like this anymore, I suppose with everyone being busy it's hard to get a week or so off work to deal with it. I'm glad that's it over and done with for now. She's had her vaccine so it wasn't too bad an outbreak compared to what it could have been. She's back in her own bd now because "airbeds are for sick kids"

  6. Poor baby! I would have never thought of an airbed! That's genius. :)

  7. It must take the pressure off, its the only reason I can think that it worked. Her mattress and ours for that matter are very firm.


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