The Big Birthday Plan - Part Two

I posted yesterday about planning for Toots' birthday party and this is a continuation of that post.


Primark recently had a sale on all of their bed linen and thinking ahead I grabbed plain white pillowcases. They were reduced to £1 for a pack of two so I nabbed four packs. I think eight kids total for a four year olds party is plenty. I also already have a huge pile of fabric markers and stencils I gathered over the years so these will double as something to occupy the kids for 20 minutes or so, plus I’m covered for the almost obligatory party favour. I’ll pile the markers and stencils in the middle of a large drop cloth I use when toots is painting and let the kids decorate their very own pillowcase.

I’ll inflate the paddling pool and fill it with soft toys and some ballpit balls then hide some small token gifts inside and then let the kids take it in turn two at a time to dive in and find one each. I’ll make a point over the next few month of keeping an eye out for anything suitable, small sticker books or boxes of crayons, I may add in a few specific boy items and girl items, this means if a boy gets some hair clips it should encourage the kids to swap until they’re happy with what they have. I can do this inside or out depending on the weather.

I won’t be including any games which leave anyone feeling left out like musical chairs or pass the parcel, these games are fine for older kids who understand the concept a bit more but I don’t think 4 year olds would “get it.”

We’ll have some music and dancing, before the food to avoid any mishaps. Kids’ with full bellies, jumping around is probably not a good idea.

Weather depending I’ll also be able to borrow a bouncy castle. I have a small one which three, maybe four kids could be on at the same time, but I can imagine this causing some arguments, so I can lay my hands on a slightly bigger one for the day and it has its own little generator which keeps it inflated. This means I won’t need to plan ahead, it inflates in around 15 minutes so if the weather’s good I can throw it up quickly. If not, I can hide it in the garage and just not mention it.

Another idea I’ve had is for a treasure hunt around the house and garden which will eventually lead to the kitchen for the cake towards the end of the party, but I will have to put some more thought into this as it can’t be too difficult or the kids will lose interest. Possibly, using colours, numbers or the alphabet for clues. I don’t know yet.

Little green hair monsters are another way to pass the time indoors on a rainy day. Take one washed egg shell with the top removed, fill with damp paper towel or shredded newspaper, let the kids draw funny faces on them with paint and sprinkle some cress seeds in the top onto the damp paper. These are pretty good because they tend to take them home and forget all about them for a day or two and when they remember it already has a short back and sides, a full week and we’re talking a mop top.

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