Dangerous Duck Ovens

Ok, read this, I don't mind waiting.

*Filing nails*

*Read the paper*

*Where's the child, lifts child out of laundry bask....*

Oh you're back. Did you enjoy your little trip? Did you bring me anything back?

Anyway, I'm starting to think that one day, because I'm not convinced it's happened yet, but one day aliens will land on this iddy biddy planet and the only thing left will be a Health and Safety Executive sitting in an inflatable chair, covered in caution labels, surrounded by bubble wrap.


We will be in stasis until he has successfully covered all the "edges".


  1. Glad I got my Peking duck while I was over there. :)

    I think a much better tactic would have been to give all those restaurants something like 1 year's notice to find, order, and install compliant ovens (apparently they exist because the one restaurant had ordered one).

    If there had been problems with them in the past and it was likely that they'd cause injury or death in the next year, then I'd understand. But it seems a bit irrational just to go about shutting down the ovens.

  2. It's getting that everything's like this here now. I can't take toots swimming on my own now because I can't leave her standing at the edge of the pool while I get in first and I can't put her in the water before me because she's too young. No kids under 12 unattended, which I get but it's either that or I grab her and bomb into the pool. I'd say that would get me kicked out as well.


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