Menu Plan - 6/4 to 12/4

We have a few busy days this week so I'll need to make use of that crockpot again.

The husband finishes work this Friday for a full nine days and we'll be taking advantage of any clear weather and getting Toots out for the day which will meal very simple meals cooked on the little camp stove. I don't want to get lazy and just start buying meals when we're out.

Besides he plans to go to Carrick a Rede rope bridge. Somewhere I've never even been myself out of pure fear, apparently my first visit will be with my daughter.


Crockpot beef casserole with steamed veg.


Roast chicken with salad and crusty bread. I need leftovers from the chicken.


I'd like to take Toots to the beach today so I'll use the leftover chicken for sandwiches along with some fruit and cake. Dinner will be Steak and ale pie using the leftover casserole from Monday.


If we didn't get to the beach yesterday I'll use the chicken for fajitas and if we did I'll make crockpot lasagna.


Warm tuna and potato salad with baby gem lettuce, fine green beans and chives. We're going ice skating this week as we didn't get to go last week so this should be quick.


Toots will be spending the first couple of days of the Easter holidays with her Nana and Granda.

I'm planning to make a huge pot of chili for dinner tonight. It should be enough for dinner and about six more two person portions for the freezer. If I can be bothered I'll cook rice too and freeze it.


The hubs can have his venison with roast potatoes and vegetables. I'll use whatever leftovers are in the fridge.


A couple of batches of bread.
Some cookies (easy, these are in the freezer and just need to be baked) choc chip and p'nut butter.
A Diego birthday cake. I received four orders for birthday cakes at Toots party and the first is needed for Sunday.
Raspberry oatmeal bars for the hubs' lunchbox.


  1. Great menu choices.

    I am sure you can't wait to have 9 days off together - if you were still working (outside the home!) I am sure you would never have managed to be off for the same amount of time.

    It is a couple of years since I crossed THE bridge, and the kids have not yet tried it.

    There is quite s good wee play park down the hill towards Ballintoy, and a lovely picnic spot with great views of the bridge on the Ballycastle side of the bridge - if you get some decent weather!

  2. Hook me up with the raspberry oatmeal bars recipe please!!!

  3. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds absolutely delicious! We cooked a big chicken yesterday, so soup soup soup today!


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