Help!!!!! Fresh Yeast

Its time again for Works for Me Wednesday over at We are THAT Family and this week is a backwards edition.

I had a completely different post all planned for today, but it'll just have to wait because my lovely daddy paid a visit yesterday with a large quantity of fresh yeast.

He works in a large bakery, somebody made a pig's ear of the order and they were told they could take as much as they wanted.

Yay for me.

The thing is, he brought me enough for about forty loaves of bread which would be about 20 of my usual batches and I have no clue how long it can be stored for.

My dad doesn't know either because they tend to run out and reorder every week.

Does anyone know how long yeast can be kept and still remain active? Can it be frozen, or will that completely kill it?

I was thinking of making one huge starter and stashing it somewhere to dip into for a few weeks (although using yeast is cheating, I know).

I haven't the faintest.

Can somebody please help me.

And please, NO APRIL FOOLS, I'm a smidge on the gullible side and tend to believe everything I read on the internet.


  1. I buy my yeast a couple of pounds at at time and I keep it in a glass canning jar the fridge. It will last for many months there. Maybe even longer than a year.

  2. I keep my yeast in the fridge and it still works after almost a year in there!

  3. No idea, sorry!
    That's a lot of yeast.
    I am quite gullible too!


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