It's the law

If you live in the UK and have snow at the minute it seems that there is some long forgotten law that says you must post a photo of it.

Pathetic isn't it? A lot of the UK is buried (well buried for the UK) under snow and we've had nothing, not a jot until this tiny little smattering arrived this morning. Of course I ran at break neck speed out into the garden with the camera to snap a few photos before it all melted (which it has now done).

Anyway, if we don't receive another delivery of snow at some stage I've at least served up a couple of photos of what people in much colder countries might consider a light frost*, but here it qualifies as snow.

So there:)

*Chloe wholeheartedly agrees.


  1. That would be a "light dusting" here.

  2. So true about that law! We don't have much snow either and it rained a little last night so I'm rather dreading going out as it will be very icy! Lovely photos - everything does look so beautiful under snow :)

  3. We do get very excited about not a lot, don't we!

    My parents delivered the "tree" - perfect! Thanks so much :)

  4. Want some of the 15cm we're getting at the moment?


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