14 days and counting

I must be honest and admit even though I earn a living in part from Christmas, it still managed to sneak up on me again this year. I'm off later this morning to do my big Christmas shop which should hopefully mean that I won't have to set foot in a shopping centre or big supermarket again until the New Year. I've ordered fruit and veg from the greengrocer and it's being delivered on the 23rd. I'll collect the meat I've ordered from our butcher myself on Christmas Eve.

I've the family presents all in apart from my brother's but he's always a nightmare to buy for. I'll either see the perfect gift in the next couple of weeks by pure chance or I'll give him money.

Chloe's being a little chore this year. I've got all the little stocking filler type items in and the things I'm making for her. We've got her a dolls house and I'm going to give her some virtual money to spend in rag rescue and we'll make little curtains and quilts and cushions and such from the fabrics she picks. But ... she's yet to finally decide on anything else yet, the Santa letter is ever changing. Put it this way, it's a good thing she wrote it in pencil, but we really do need to get her to make her mind up this weekend and get the last of her presents in. I'm always afraid the shops are going to run out.

That all sounds great and it sounds like I'm organised and ready, but I'm still having real moments where I just think 'Oh my god, it's only two weeks!!!!!" not least because I've been working flat out this year on orders and, honestly, the house is like a tip head. I'll carry on working next week, visit the stockist at the weekend and then on Monday and Tuesday when Chloe's in school I'll just have to blitz through the house and get as much done as possible because so help me, I'm not doing it while everyone else sits on the sofa eating the malteasers out of the celebrations. They're mine!

In amongst everything else, we had our first visit from the tooth fairy ...

I'm never so glad to see that tooth finally come out. Chloe was told my her dentist back in February that it was loose and the whole anticipation of losing it has been building since then.

Add to that, a couple of weeks ago one of her friends at my mum's house was coming down the hill on her scooter and the front wheel hit something. She's actually 7 and already has most of her adult front teeth so when she came off she knocked out her two bottom front teeth and broke the two teeth at the top, there was a lot of blood and a fair amount of panic. Luckily Chloe lifted the two teeth and my mum put them in milk so at the very least the two bottom teeth were reinserted the same day and took, but the whole thing left Chloe even more worried about her tooth falling out.

Robert had a sit down with her and explained that she only had baby teeth so when they fell out there was still another tooth already in there ready to pop up and take it's place and she wouldn't have to go to the hospital or anything like that, but she'd be a big girl and have her grown up teeth and that she'd need to look after them properly.

It finally came out last week in the middle of dinner and once we'd had the "mummy there's something weird in this dinner" and the "no sweetie, that's your tooth", she turned to her dad with the tooth in her hand and said "I'm going to be a big girl" with a huge grin on her face ... and then she burst into tears.

I think she was just so glad that the whole thing was over and that it turned out to be such a non event.

Hopefully there won't be such a build up for the next 19. I don't think I have it in me.


  1. She's such a cutie! Losing that first tooth can be both exciting and stressful. Beware now, though. With Kat, once the first one came out, others followed in rapid succession. I was worried the Tooth Fairy would go broke!

  2. Congrats on the first tooth - what's the going rate for the tooth fairy in your house?

  3. Oh poor thing... that must have been awful between the waiting and then the whole bloody scene.

    But, congratulations on the first visit. Very exciting.

  4. nice blog..... i like it



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