What I've been up to

While I haven't been here.

First of all I started by letting the rain get to me and fought back by making summery purses.

The brighter, the better imo!

Then I let the fact that all fabric looks exactly the same get to me, so I spent a while doing something different with it. By the way, I really love sewing tucks. It drives most people to drink but I enjoy it.

And then I started another tea cosy. A lady asked me for a tea cosy in the shape of a teapot a few weeks ago and I happily obliged and I liked it so much that I've started another. Nothing wrong with a teapot shaped cosy if you ask me, besides nobody ever said they had to be in the shape of big chickens and phone boxes anyway.

What have you been up to?


  1. Those tucks are amazing - can't believe you enjoy making them, but must be a great sense of achievement when it is done!

  2. Uh yeah. Not sewing.

    I've been tied up with work (integration with new overlords, er, owners of my company).


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