Trial and Error - Silver Coil Brooch

I was sitting a few nights ago at my desk, chatting away on twitter and absentmindedly playing with some silver plated wire that I had leftover from a different thing altogether but when I finally switched the pc off and looked down I had a pile of little coils and twirly bits of wire.

I kind of liked them and thought they'd be nice on a brooch instead of the usual buttons and such.

I sat myself down with a cup of tea, picked a few colours of felt for the backing and whipped up a quick mock version.

And I still kind of like it. Don't get me wrong, because I wasn't paying attention when I made the coils they're as rough as day old knee stubble, but I know that and I know I can do a much better job of them. Plus I'm pretty sure it will look 100x better when I use silver floss instead of regular thread to attach the coils to the felt.

And in spite of all that I still kind of like it, and if you do to you can expect to see some variations in a shop near you sometime soon.

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