Wonderhubs Strikes Again

Would you ever take a look at the little cat house my fabulous husband just threw together using odds and sods he had lying around the garage.

I think you'll agree she looks very comfortable and happy in there.

And not to be satisfied with building just your average bog standard box, the husband had to go the full hog with this this. Can I just point out that this particular box features cavity walls, floor and roof and every square inch of cavity has been stuffed with polybead. Not to mention the yacht varnish, non-toxic sealant and tarred base and roof to keep the elements out. This thing has a higher R rating than my own house. Its an ark built for one, basically.

I think I may have lost my title as The Handy One around here.

Isn't he just wonderful.

Ta muchly hubs!


  1. Great to see your wee kitty so at home.

    What a useful man to know! I think he has fallen for the kitten as much as the rest of you :)

  2. If squeaky wasn't purring next to me I'd still be suspicious that you may have nicked my cat. In fact Squeaky would lurve that little kitty house. What a clever man you have - hold on tight!!!

  3. What a cool cat house! What a handy husband!! We bought our cats a super duper top of the range cat house thing years ago when we got them and they refused to go anywhere near it - its still in the garage. If I leave any article of clothing on the floor tho you can guarantee I will find them asleep on it!

  4. Wonderhubs indeed! Lovely cat x
    Hope you don't mind but I just tagged you, if you get a chance pop over to my blog and follow the 'rules'! Sarah x

  5. Either that, or he just wants the thing to sleep outside instead of on his side of the bed...

  6. That cat is moving up in the world!

  7. What a beuatiful house for your adorable cat! Who looks very content in hs new house! What a fabulous craftsman you are married to!


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