Menu Plan 6/7 to 12/7

We're leading up to yet another long weekend here. The husband will be off work on Monday and Tuesday of next week so we're looking forward to that.

Last week didn't go exactly to plan, a few things were shuffled and a few things were dumped altogether, but sure you get the odd week like that.


Pizza and garlic bread. I went a bit overboard making part baked pizza bases and now it looks like that's the only thing I have in my freezer:)


Soup. I'll throw all the ingredients in the crockpot and let it sit all day. I don't really have a name for it though, bits and bobs maybe. I have frozen white beans in the freezer along with cooked chicken, smoked lardons and chorizo. I'll sweat saute the lardons and chorizo along with some diced onion and garlic and then chuck the heap into the crockpot along with some chicken stock. I'll possibly add some fresh tomatoes and sliced yellow pepper about half way through the cooking time.


Fish and Chips. I haven't had fish and chips in ages, but I'll make it at home because I still have cod in the freezer. I can't batter the trout, I've tried before and its just not right.


Salad. I'll do my shopping on Wednesday afternoon and pick up some fresh fruit and veg so I don't really know what will end up in the salad until I've done the shopping.


Sandwiches. I'll use up any leftover soup as well and make up some sandwiches with crusty bread and whatever each person wants. I'm trying to give them a night of picking their own thing and this is an easy way to do it.


Snack night. I have to admit I haven't done this in a couple of weeks and I've missed it, kind of. Curling up in front of a movie with nibbly bits and pieces is nice. I'll make onion rings, chicken goujons, dips and throw in some wraps and philleous fogg crisps for the starvos.


The husband will get Venison along with the usual potatoes and a veg or two and I'll bake a pork fillet I have in the freezer for Toots and I and the husband can then have roast pork sandwiches for lunch with pickles and chutney and what not. I might stuff the pork fillet but I haven't decided yet.


Oat flapjacks. They're handy for a quick breakfast or snack.

Banana muffins. I'll need to make them early in the week. I have no idea how I ended up with so many bananas in the house.

And although I'm not making Doughnuts this week, I received an email asking for the recipe so I've posted it here.

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  1. mmmmm - your menu sounds fab-o, Leanne!

    I've come to visit you in my rare spot of wifi on our vacation. Hehe, I don't know HOW I'm getting wifi in this campsite but I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth LOL!

    At any rate, LOVE the photo of your dd - its beautiful. I will come catch up again next time I have internet access. Thx for stopping by my bloggie too.


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