A very happy bunny

I know it seems an odd thing to be happy or pleased about, but I finally have a new best seller:)

For the past year the top spot has been held (rather firmly) by the big ass daisy.

Obviously you won't get the gist from a photo but that bad boy is about a metre across. I do still love the daisy, I really do, I even have two of them myself but at the final count I'd made 23 of these (not counting my own) and a stack of mini ones too and there are really only so many daisies one girl can make.

I don't mind admitting that it was a bit annoying having an item that I no longer make as my best seller, but I'm very glad to say that my wallets have now easily out stripped the daisy:)

And they're back in stock now too!


  1. Your wallets are great and so is the big ass daisy!!

  2. your wallets are beautiful, I'm not surprised that they're your new best seller.

    Kate x

  3. Actually I love that big ass daisy - I take it you don't have them in your shop anymore (or ever again??) How much did they sell for just out of interest? I'd love one in 'different ass' colours if you are ever to make some more, please!!


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