Challenge Murphy

One day Murphy will become wise to my little tricks and when that day comes I'm officially screwed, but until then I might as well make his trickery work for me.

I've decided to take part in the July listing club on Folksy. The idea is to list an item every day in July and to help encourage and promote everybody else taking part.

This is my first offering in July

It sounds easy enough, right? 31 items, listing one a day, can't be that hard. Especially if you're like me and have two full boxes of stock sitting in the corner. I could actually list two or three items a day and not run out before the end of July.

The only thing is that the stock in the corner is currently earmarked for a craft fair at Belmont Tower this Saturday. Now there could be two possible outcomes here:
  1. Nothing sells at the craft fair on Saturday, I'm a little disappointed but at least I now have a whole load of stock to be listed on Folksy which will allow me to at least keep up with the challenge, or

  2. I sell out on Saturday and arrive home with nothing but empty boxes, which will leave me with nothing to list on Folksy and no way to keep up with the challenge and I'll have to start working like a woman possessed and making as much as possible, keeping in mind that this is the first day of the school holidays so I also have a smallish one to occupy.
So, if you were of the 'slightly twisted, loves to take pleasure in other's misfortunes' persuasion which outcome would make you giggle?

Murphy's nothing if not a joker.

And I'm counting on it!


  1. Sounds like you're going to have either a busy July or a busier July.

    Good luck at the craft fair!

  2. All the best with the craft fair!

  3. So how did the craft fair go?

    I have SO many items I too should be listing on my online store, but it is so much easier to just sell them in person!


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