My first batch of totes using the new fabric, which I'm glad I bought even though I said I wouldn't.

I've four so far and I'll be keeping these back for the craft fair in the meantime. I'll likely list any unsold bags on Folksy afterwards.

They're my ideal size for shopping and can hold a fair amount without any risk of me going overboard and overfilling a bag that is too big and hurting myself, again. These are 12 in square and 2.5 in across the base.

And just to keep her happy, a photo of a little cat who can't stand to feel left out and spent the entire time I was outside trying to snipe in front of the camera.


  1. Love 'em. Good luck at the fair. I did one yesterday, lots of lookers not really any buyers. Have decided to swallow the cost of table into own account as then can keep the £17 I took in jewellery account. Calling it a day out as hubby took wee one to the seaside and for a walk to the park where they saw a horse. WOuld easily spend more than that on day at seaside normally. lol
    Take care. :o)

  2. Such pretty fabric and I love the square shape. Hope the fair goes well!

  3. Great shape and size - and love the two handle options!


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