The long awaited robot

I know I said I would post this yesterday, but I managed to get completely sidetracked (no surprises there) and I do get there in the end. Hopefully you'll forgive me.

Anyway, here's a little photo of the long awaited robot from last week. He was, quite obviously, chucked together in about half an hour but Chloe loves him and so did all of her friends. He spent a long weekend in school and came home again on Tuesday.

He's quite cute, though is it just me, or maybe the way he's standing, but doesn't he look like he's bursting for a wee. Kind of like he's really having to squeeze his legs together for some reason.....

So it is only me then, fair enough.

And the reason for my sidetrack...ed....ness can be blamed on Jenn of Frugal Upstate. She posted a link on twitter a couple of days ago to The Idea Room and a great tutorial on making those glass tile necklaces. Lovely though the necklaces are, they weren't what caught my eye.

What caught my eye was a big felt sandwich, and a plan developed. I now know what to make Chloe for her birthday. She has a play kitchen in her bedroom, though admittedly it mostly goes unused because, and I quote "the food is wick", and it really is wick. The food that came with the kitchen was a handful of miniature empty cardboard food boxes, a plastic chicken drumstick, a plastic egg and a purple plastic aubergine. I'm pretty sure even Cooking by Numbers would have trouble coming up with a recipe to use that lot.

So I've started making felt food.

I know her birthday isn't until the start of April, but I want to get a wiggle on and try and make loads of food for her. Ideally a want to be able to fill a picnic basket, but not a regular boring picnic basket, I want a pic-a-nic basket like Yogi Bear would want and I want a red and white check blanket to go over the top of everything.

Surely that isn't asking too much.

These are the types of things I really enjoy making for Chloe. Most of the templates for making the food are intuitive and more often than not, unnecessary. They're the perfect mindless, half concentrating, half watching tv, type of sewing that fits perfectly into the last half hour of a day.

Plus they're really, really quick and really cheap to make. I mean a square of good quality felt will run you about 50p in the UK and you'll easily get a dozen strawbs from that one piece of felt, probably more like 15 if you're very economical when cutting and they take a grand total of about four minutes to make, the orange slices take more like two!

Now I'm back off to my little corner for some more sewing. I've three tomatoes in need of their tops, another slice of white needs stuffing and I feel a rumbly in my tummy for some bacon and eggs.

I should also mention that felt food is highly addictive and should only be taken in moderation and in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet.


  1. Chloe is very lucky to have you for a mom. Most of the favorite toys I remember from childhood were homemade. Unfortunately, I haven't made many toys for Kat. :(

  2. Wow! What a fab crafty mam, Chloe will be well chuffed with her felt food I'm sure. BTW what is 'wick'? (I'm a North-Easterner and we don't have that word here lol).

  3. What a great idea, she will love it! Kx

  4. The robot looks stoned, not incontinent.

    The felt food looks cool, but probably smell like felt.

  5. LOL. . . I spent a TON of time browsing around "The Idea Room"-she had such fabulous stuff. Sorry to be responsible for your sidetracked-ness :)

  6. Sarah, wick means rubbish or a bit crap. Must be a NI thing. Though I've no excuse for side trackedness, that really isn't a word at all:)

  7. Jenn, two days on and I'm still there looking around:)

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  9. The robot is really cute. I wish I could pull off something like that in 1/2 an hour...

    And I like the picnic basket idea as well. We had one of those kitchens growing up and I agree - the food that comes with them is aweful. I would have loved the felt sandwich stuff, or anything that I could mix and match to make "meals" out of.


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