My 302nd Post

Yup, I completely missed my 300th post. Bask in the awesomeness of my attention to detail!

It's been a bit busy round here for the last week or so. My mum arrived home from Tenerife on Friday which meant that I spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday busily thinking about taking up the three pairs of trousers she left round to me before she went away.

I should probably do that today or tomorrow, maybe.

I'm trying to get the garden cleared and back into some kind of shape. I spent three days out there trimming and clipping and weeding and brushing and raking leaves and to look out there now, you wouldn't believe a word of it!

Bomb site springs to mind.

We spent yesterday afternoon at the Play Cafe for a birthday party and had a great yet very exhausting time. Robert actually came with me and stayed which was great because I thought he would just drop us off and collect us later so it was nice to just sit and watch Chloe off playing with her friends (and soul mate) while we sipped bad coffee and chatted with other full grown adults.

I also arrived home with 15 orders for butterfly hair bobbles to fill so it turned out to be a very good day. I'm pleased at the minute because I've finally found hair bobbles/elastics that I'm happy with.

Chloe's hair is the ultimate test of a hair bobble's anti-snagging claims and the first seven I tried failed miserably, two didn't even make it into her hair after I pulled the head of self trying to extract the damn things from my own hair, then another one which while fine in my dull as dishwater poker straight hair had to be cut from Chloe's hair so a few catastrophic failures along with way.

I've been wanting to add some little hair bobbles to the shop for a while but didn't want to until I managed to find something that would be very easy on a child's hair. We all know what they're like and even the slightest tug causes screams that will have the neighbours calling the police.

But I'm happy to say that even after a full day wearing one yesterday while dancing and running and crawling through ball pits and sliding down rather large slides head first, the bobble just slipped right out of her hair without incident. People, we are go for launch.

through that. Red meat can happily set up camp in my chest freezer for as long as it likes but chicken just doesn't do so well over a length of time so this week I'll just roll out the The menu plan is rather a dull one this week. I've checked the freezer and there's little or nothing in there apart from some fish and vast quantities of chicken so I need to work my wayusuals like fajitas, chicken casserole, barbecue chicken (there's a couple of packs of legs and wings out there), Cajun chicken or chili chicken on Saturday for the husband and a roast on Sunday, plus I have some fillets defrosting now in a marinade and I'll bake them later today for Robert's lunches this week which should eat up a fair chunk of the chicken and leave room for other lovely things.

I want to try and fit in a mini OAMC before going back to work, just a few things ready to go in the oven in case of poorly planned days. I mean there's bound to be more than a few while I get the hang of this going back to work lark. I'm going to be tired trying to work the new routine for the first week or so, I know that much.

I figure a few lasagnas, some chili with nukeable rice, french toast fingers for the mornings, bagged up porridge portions for yours truly and a batch or two of cookies in the freezer should help me keep the standard of good things to eat around here to begin with.


  1. Ironically, after I read that you missed #300, I thought to myself, "Hey... that number was getting close to a round one last I recall," and checked my counter to discover that today is #800 for me, and I didn't acknowledge it at all.

  2. OAMC? My brain is not functioning today.

    Congrats on 302! Need to check where I am at :)

  3. You sound very organised, wish I could be, I have great ambitions to do batch cooking but it kind of never happens (I am a slacker)


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