Menu Plan 31/8 to 6/9

Whoa, where did September come from? This year is disappearing fast.

Last week went well with Chloe in school two days. Although she arrived home claiming that she was starving. She snacked right up to dinner time on both days and then at dinner time she was ready for a full meal. She said she was cold and didn't want sandwiches or anything like that so I was scrabbling late in the day to get a meal together. I think I'll plan on full meals this week, at least we can use any leftovers for lunch the next day if she isn't just as hungry in the evenings once she gets used to the routine.


I have cooked chicken in the fridge and I'll use it to make sweet and sour chicken for Chloe and Robert, they both love it but I'm not a big fan myself so I'll just use some of the chicken to make sandwiches. I'll steam some rice to go with the sweet and sour.


I'll make a pot of Irish stew on Monday night. Chloe will be back to school today and I'll be out and about for the few things in the morning. This way I'll just have to reheat the pot in the evening when Robert gets home from work. I should check actually because he's had a few days off work recently and its bound to have played havoc with his usual call out routine so I'm not really sure at the minute which night he'll be on call.


Chloe will be at school in the morning and then she'll be at my mum's house in the afternoon. My mum goes away on holiday for two weeks on Friday so this will be her last chance to see Chloe for any length of time. Somebody told Robert about a cowboy supper baked potato, basically just a baked potato stuffed with chopped sausage, baked beans and cheese from what I can gather. Anyway, he wants one so I'll make him one tonight.


Chicken and broccoli bake. This is another really easy meal, I can just pop it all in a casserole dish and through it in the oven an hour before we're ready to eat. I'll just steam some potatoes to go with it.


Baked trout with potatoes and vegetables. My freezer levels are running low, but my brother is happy that he can go fishing again. He lost his old fishing partner (in crime) to a lovely new born baby this year and they haven't been able to go quite as often. Robert wants to give fishing a go, so my brother's going to sort him out with a licence and organise a few trips. Plus it'll be good for Robert, I think everyone needs a hobby of sorts outside the home.


Chloe would normally go my mum's house on a Saturday so I'll do pizza and popcorn tonight and let her watch a movie (her choice) as a treat.


I don't really know what I'll be making yet. I'll be going to the market on Saturday morning and with the weather starting to cool off I fancy a nice big Sunday dinner, so I'll pick up a roast of some description, likely pork or beef.


Not a lot this week really. The pizza bases are already part baked and in the freezer and I have a couple of bags of different cookies in the freezer now so I really only have to stick those in the oven when we need them. I'm not sure if I'll be doing anything from scratch as such this week.

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  1. That cowboy supper sounds good! Would that be just regular breakfast sausage, smoked sausage or what?


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