Menu Plan 1/6 to 7/6

If this weather holds out and I really hope it does, I'll be having a nice light week, with soups and salads and fish.

I really can't stand the thought of heavy food when its this hot and red meat just gets kicked to one side on the really hot days.


Steamed mussels with butter and parsley and a side salad.


Smoked white fish with tomato salad and crusty bread.


Chicken noodle soup made in the crockpot.


Frittata made with cheese, sauteed onions and potatoes.


Baked cod with Spanish rice.


I bought a pack of frozen wonton wrappers when we went to the Asian supermarket so I'll use those to make crispy chicken wontons and mini prawn and vegetable spring rolls along with some dips, salad and maybe some steamed rice.


Roast chicken, because I'm a creature of habit:)


My freezer supply is running very low so I'll need to make some peanut butter cookies for freezing Toots is going to have to get her fill of them before she starts school in August. I think that will be the hardest thing for her when she starts school because she usually eats nuts of some description at least once a day and she won't be able to have any until she gets home.

Cake, I don't know what kind yet but I want a cake in the house. Probably a nice tangy lemon.

And oh my good flah we went and bought Toots school uniform on Saturday because the place in town had a half price offer on for her primary school.

There is a school uniform for a child old enough to be going to school hanging in my wardrobe.

That can't possibly be for my child, can it?

And is it really June already?


  1. Uniforms? Only the Catholic high schools have those here.

  2. My son will need his primary school uniform for September and my daughter will need her GRAMMAR school uniform - eeek! She received her confirmation letter on Saturday - probably the guts of £300 required!

    Hope you are enjoying this glorious weather - hope it lasts. Aren't you glad you are not stuck in an office right now?


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