Got Gremlins? Want Mine?

So much for having a quiet couple of days.

I woke this morning just before 6am. Flo's here which probably goes someway to explaining the bad week or so I've been having. I came downstairs, loaded up on paracodol and coffee and settled myself down for a quiet hour at the laptop before Toots woke up.

I pushed the button and ... zip, nada, nothing dead.

screaming quietly on the inside, screaming quietly on the inside

As per my normal reaction to broken electrics (and don't laugh because 9 times out of 10 it works), it went outside, chained smoked for a few minutes, came back in had another coffee and returned to the laptop, greeting it as though the for first time that morning and pushed the button.

Still nothing.

Obviously I eventually got it working again, after a certain amount of crying and begging and swearing. It turns out the battery has taken a sulk because I always work of the mains and decided that a heart attack was just what I needed this morning.

And this after I signed up for Yahoo Messenger last night. The husband has had problems getting Google Talk to work on his Blackberry and this should have been a nice, simple and free way to keep in touch during the day if need be.

But then Yahoo, having no concept of the word "No", proceeded to RAPE by laptop. Yes Yahoo, more like Yee-frigging-Haa as you jumped on board and molested my poor little baby.

Would like Yahoo as you home page? No. Here have it anyway.

Would you like a Yahoo toolbar? No, thank you. Sure go on, you'll love it.

Would you like us to fill your desktop with crappy childish emoticons. I'm not 13, so NO. Here, have them, who doesn't love a smiley face or six.

Well, Yahoo if you're listening. Twenty minutes it took to download all of your spammer crap, but it took me less than ten to delete it all again. Suck it.

Then the mediaplayer died. It still isn't working, but you know how I'll be spending my day. I could cry. My entire backup is on that mediaplayer, not to mention a ton of photos of Toots along with a mountain of music and movies. If I can't get it working I'll have to dig the real live dvds out of God knows where. It will turn on, but can't seem to see it's own hard drive. I'm hoping that's a good thing and only the connection to the hard drive it buggered, but that everything is still nestled safely inside, if I can just get at it.

And it all started out so well too.

The weather's been great the last couple of days and since it's supposed to rain all weekend, Toots and I too advantage. We'll taken some walks to areas of the town she hasn't been to before. We've sat on the grass in the square, eating pokes in the sunshine. It was lovely.

My creativity seems to have reared its head too and I've had some ideas for things to make, for the shop and for my own home, but they'll linger on the back burner until I get everything in the house fixed.

Oh and the washing machine needs to be looked at too. Its getting very close to dandering around the kitchen during the spin cycle.

We have a little friend staying too.

I'm starting to think a huge cosmic joke is being played on me.

We've been considering getting a dog for the last couple of weeks and had finally settled on a firm "yes", when Cat showed up. He's been here for about four days now.

Just to clarify. Its not that I have anything at all against cats, its just that I've never met one who liked me. I've came away from a few feline introductions over the years with a battle scar or two.

I'm assuming this little guy has been starved for attention, because I seem to be his favourite. He curls up beside when I'm outside and loves being scratched on the very top of his head.

Still, its obvious that he's a house cat. He's immaculate and looks to be well looked after so somebody must be missing him.

We're off out this morning to put up a few posters and hope for the best. It isn't entirely obvious from the photo, but he only has one eye which should make him easy enough to identify to his owners.

In the meantime, I'll keep him safe, warm and fed.


  1. We've got gremlins ourselves, actually. First it was my FIL's laptop (and later mine), and then last weekend something went a little funny with the home desktop.

    Dunno what's going on, but it feels like the virus/malware folks are ahead right now.

  2. Keep your gremlins to yourself please!

    Hope things improve, and at least the cat loves you :)

  3. I'm a sucker for cats. Even the one-eyed variety. >^.,^<

  4. I think I'm MORE of a sucker for the one-eyed variety!

    I've been horribly allergic to cats ever since my third child was born (I know, what's up with that?) but I still love them so much. If they have a handicap I'm hooked.


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