I'll start by explaining a little background.

I remain very good friends with the man I was engaged to and I left, for the man I married and meet up quite often for coffee or lunch.

Now neither of them would want to get together for a pint down the local but Himself is very understanding of the fact that I'm just not the sort of person to write somebody off and cut them out of my life completely. My ex and I get along well as friends, but that's about the height of it.

My husband is confident enough in himself to know that I won't up sticks and run off with an ex.

The thing is, all of my friends and work colleagues think that this is very odd and strange. I'm never done hearing comments when I return from a lunch that their husband's would have none of it, they'd pitch a fit, cry or completely lose the plot over something I consider to be a relatively small thing.

I'm not sure if they find it odd because I'm still friends with the guy or that my husband knows about it and doesn't mind. I can't imagine that you could manage to go through life and never once bump into an ex while out doing your shopping. The world's a very small place after all.

So my question is this. Is this such a odd thing? Do you still get along well with an ex? Does your husband or wife mind?

Or am I just a weirdo?


  1. Not weird to me.

    An ex of mine and my dh get on well (and have gone to the pub together). He does not live near, but we all get on well and have gone on hols with both families a number of times (our kids all similar ages).

  2. JM, I wonder if its just us Irish.

    It's brilliant that you all get on so well, my ex is divorced now with one child from that relationship, so the holidays together are definitely out, but we've been known to take the kids to the park.

  3. Shane and I have socialized with an ex-boyfriend of mine and his wife (he married her around the same time I married Shane). We all got along well, and went out for drinks a couple of times. Since then we've lost touch with them, but not due to any hard feelings.

    It's situational, of course, but I don't think it's that unusual. I know plenty of others who get along well with their exes.


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